With the Holidays coming up, things get crazy busy. There is shopping to do, food to prepare, parties to plan for…the list goes on. Taking care of yourself and getting proper exercise may end up at the bottom of your list this time of year, even though you don’t mean for it to. Even through all of the hustle bustle of the season, you CAN take care of yourself and give yourself the exercise that your body needs (yes we all NEED exercise!).

I wanted to share a cool handout and chart that I received from Select Health. It talks about how even a little bit of exercise goes further than you think. We all have those busy days where exercise gets lower and lower on the “to do” list as the day goes on. Then, you find yourself with only 20 minutes to get a quick workout in, so you think, “ah, its not even worth it”. This chart shows that even small amounts of moderate daily activity (or exercising for around 20 minutes), will decrease your risk of heart disease by about 15%, according to a study by the American Heart Association.  They found that the biggest health benefits were seen by those who went from doing nothing to doing something small.

Moderate Activity Per Day 21 minutes 43 minutes 107 minutes
Moderate Activity Per Week 150 minutes 300 minutes 750 minutes
Coronary Heart Disease Risk Lowered By 14% 20% 25%

For ideas on how to increase your activity level, click here. So, moral of the story is to get out there and move!! No matter what your form of exercise may be, something is ALWAYS better than nothing! This Holiday season, take care of yourself so that you can be happy, healthy, and enjoy the holidays:)