One of the Hardest things about living a Healthy Lifestyle is the comments or peer pressure from other people around us. People always offering you sweets or unhealthy foods that you have to turn down. Then the same people making you feel bad for turning them down. It can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation and don’t worry I have been there many times. I still have not figured out why we as people do that to each other but I don’t think those situations are ever going to change.

So what can we do to help with this problem? For starters I found this Fabulous saying I’m going to start using whenever the situation arises… :)

I love this saying because it really sums up what I feel inside and it’s funny. Healthy Living is really not about trying to be Perfect or trying to act better than another person. It is merely having a love and respect for your body and wanting to treat it that way. Being able to rock any outfit is just an added bonus :) hahaha

Besides having a great quote to use on people you need to have a strong positive mindset about making these changes for yourself and by doing them it’s not a bad thing. Never let another person make you feel bad because you are changing your ways. Know what you want to achieve and why you are setting these goals. Then the next time someone says a rude/unnecessary comment you will be prepared to just “Shake It Off” (insert Taylor Swift Song here). Know that you are on track to a better you and that no one can make you fail but yourself.

Healthy Living is not a one step fix. It takes time, practice, and sometimes a complete change of the way you live. But I know that everyone can achieve it if they want to. Let me know how your healthy living journey is going and always remember there are others in this world trying to live the way you are also.