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As I am writing this I just finished my 8th load of Laundry. 8th people!! It has been a long couple of days at my household. We have had a stomach bug going around which means lots of throw up, no sleep, and piles of gross laundry. I can’t tell you what is worse, being pregnant and having this bug or being pregnant just getting over this bug and dealing with a 2 year old throwing up on you all night. Glamorous I know. This was the first time that my baby has been really sick and I was definitely a rookie at handling this situation. The germ clean freak in me started just washing everything starting at 3 in the morning. I needed a game plan to handle that situation. With all that being said I do not want to go through that again any time soon! So that sprung the idea of today’s post.

What can we as parents do to help keep our kids healthy this winter?

1. Wash your Kids Hands Regularly:

We all know this and know we should do it, but do we regularly wash our kids hands? Most important times to wash them are before they eat a meal, after they go to the bathroom, or when they get home from a friends house, daycare, or playing outside. Make sure to use warm water with soap and scrub them well. It’s also a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you so in case you are unable to wash their hands you can always do that.

As the care giver we need to make sure we wash our hands, especially after you change a diaper or handle any of your kids food.

2. Clean Public Surfaces your Child will be Using:

It’s always a good idea to give a quick good wipe down to the public surfaces our child is using. Wipe down shopping cart handles, restaurant tables your child will be eating off, public high chairs, etc. It’s really not that hard to hurry and grab a wipey out and do it. And hay if it means I don’t have to relive another sick week then I’m all over that.

3. Teach your Child to not Touch their Eyes, Mouth or Nose:

This is great if you have older children that understand what you are talking about. Have kids keep their most germ filled parts of their bodies away from areas that are easy access to their blood stream (eyes, nose, mouth). Remind them often and they will catch on soon enough.

Start with young toddlers by reminding them to use a tissue when they sneeze or have a runny nose. Be an example to your child and they will follow.

4. Do what you can to Boost your Child’s Immunity Naturally:

Provide a healthy balanced diet for your child so they are getting all their needed vitamins and minerals. Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep so they don’t become run down and more susceptible to sickness.

5. Keep your Child Up to date on Vaccinations:

Getting your child vaccinated and keeping them updated on their vaccines will help keep them healthy and safe from viruses.

I know germs are helpful in building your child’s immunity and that they will get sick at some point during their lives. But if there is a way that I can help keep my child healthy and a little less sick then I know I am going to try and do them.

I hope these ideas/reminders will help keep your “Littles” a little bit healthier this winter season.