In my last post (click here) we found that carbs really aren’t the devil and that the right ones are actually essential for our bodies. Today I want to explore ideas and tips on how to add healthy carbohydrates into your diet. Here ya go:)

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1. Switch from white to WHOLE wheat: Try to switch as many refined foods to whole wheat or whole grain foods as you can. When baking or cooking, try substituting some or all of the white flour with whole wheat flour. When eating rice or pasta, try switching from white to whole wheat or whole grain. When choosing breads or tortillas look for whole wheat bread/tortillas that list whole wheat flour, whole rye or another whole grain listed as the first ingredient.

2. Start your day off with whole grains: Eat some oatmeal (steel cut or old fashioned oats) in the morning, or yogurt topped with homemade granola. Whole grain cereals are great too for a quick breakfast. Look for cereals that list whole grain as the first ingredient, have at least 4 grams of fiber and less than 8 grams of sugar. You can always top your oatmeal, cereal or yogurt off with some fruit!

3. Add whole grains to your salads: Try putting some quinoa or brown rice in your salads….its yummy I promise!

4. Have a fruit or vegetable with every meal: Get your fruits and veggies in! Like I have said before, fruits and veggies are LOADED with nutrients and are very low in calories. Remember that the whole fruit or vegetable is better than just the juice. Eating the whole fruit/vegetable ensures that you are getting all of the important nutrients and also will provide you with lots more fiber.

5. Add beans to your diet: Beans are excellent sources of fiber and protein and will help keep you full for longer. They are also packed with nutrients. Add them to salads, wraps, or just eat them as a side dish!

Have a great Thursday!!