Today Everyone I have BIG news to Share…


Some one is going to be a BIG SISTER!!
And it’s a….



We and especially “ME” are so thrilled. I am 17 weeks along and time is just flying by. With my first pregnancy time went by so slow. But with taking care of and keeping up with a busy 2 year old all day this pregnancy is going by fast. (I will probably be singing a different song when I’m 8-9 months pregnant though) :)

So this is why I have not been posting any workout pictures lately. I am already showing and look like I am just getting a gut. (So flattering) This is another fun thing I am learning about being pregnant the second time around. You show way quicker! But now that the secret is out I will start to post workout pictures again. hahaha

Once again you know I like to make a big deal out of life’s events so I did three fun ways of telling people I was pregnant and the gender.

1. Telling the Husband:

Derek is very obsessed with football and his team is the Patriots. I found out I was pregnant a little before our 5 year anniversary. It was also the same time he was doing his draft picks for “Fantasy Football”. So trying to be cleaver I ordered a baby patriots Onesie and wrapped it up with my pregnancy test and put a card on top. This was his anniversary present from me :)

Here is the card


And Here is the Present


He was so excited when he opened the present and had no idea what I meant from the card. This was such a fun way to tell him because it meant something to him. (Tip for all you women out there, try and tell your husband in a way that they would love. They will be more excited)

2. Telling the Family:

We told both our families we were expecting the same way. I bought a Big Sister shirt for Scarlett and made a t-shirt for our puppy to wear that said “Not Another One”. Then I put the dog on a leash and let Scarlett lead her into the house and show everyone the news. It took both our families a minute to figure it out because they couldn’t figure out why the dog had a shirt on. (I am not one of those people who put clothes on their dog regularly.) haha But once they read her shirt and saw Scarlett’s they were all thrilled.

DSC_0416 DSC_0420

3. Finding out and Telling the Gender:

Derek and I (very much more Derek) thought it would be fun not to find out the gender at the doctor office but at home with all our family instead. I had thrown a big gender reveal party with my first baby but I had already know the gender before the party. So doing it this way was very hard. I experienced great self control.

I put the party together very last minute. Which is usually not like me. The theme was Who Will it Be, A He or She? I did blue mustaches and pink lips as the guessing tools. I served cookies with big question marks on them and rice krisspy treats dipped in pink or blue chocolate for the kids. And for the adults I made other side dishes. Here is the link for the free downloads I used for this party (Catch my party)

Sorry Picture Overload








All the People who guessed a Girl!


All the People who Guessed a BoY!


The way we found out the Gender


I had the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a piece of paper and seal it up in a envelope. Then I took the envelope along with this box and packaging tape to a balloon shop. I then gave them the envelope and had them secretly fill the box up with either pink or blue balloons depending on the gender. They then sealed up the box and I picked it up.

Here is the Big moment of us opening the box and finding out.


The moment we both saw the color before everyone else :)
I love Derek’s Face.


And It’s another Girl! YAY!


I am so excited to be having another girl and can’t wait to see the wonderful sister bond between my two girls. Thanks for putting up with my super long post but I am just so excited to share our New News.