Happy Halloween Week! (Is that a thing?! :) ) I love Halloween. I love decorating my house, carving pumpkins, making fun treats, doing Halloweeny activities…I love it all! This past weekend, my family and I went to the Zoo for “Boo at the Zoo”. It was so fun. They had decorated the Zoo and had different activities for the children. They had Trick or Treat stations, which my daughter loved. She thought it was really cool that at every tent, someone handed her a piece of candy. She learned what going past a tent meant real fast! We also went to a couples costume party. My husband and I decided to be each other, which turned out pretty funny. Lets just say I am glad that I am really a girl and my husband is really a boy…ha

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I have mentioned a few times that I love yogurt parfaits. My husband actually came up with this protein packed parfait a couple of weeks ago, and I pretty much loved it so wanted to share! This is not a low calorie parfait, but it is packed with healthy fats, protein and whole grains, and will keep you satisfied for a long time. All of the calories found in this parfait are healthy, so it’s a great meal or snack for you and your children.

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** This parfait contains 300-400 calories (depending on the brand of yogurt you use and how much granola you put on top) and about 15 grams of protein.


  • 1 5.3 ounce cup of vanilla greek yogurt (watch the sugar content in vanilla greek yogurt. There are lots of yogurts that contain TONS of sugar. Shoot for less than 10 grams of sugar in a serving when choosing your yogurt. Yoplait 100 calorie vanilla greek yogurt is one that I like and it only has 7 grams of sugar per serving:) )
  • 1 TBSP peanut butter
  • 1/2 banana
  • Top with homemade granola. Recipe found here

photo 2-21Enjoy!!