Fall is probably one of the most amazing and gorgeous times to go for a nice, long run outside. The air is crisp, the leaves are all sorts of amazing colors, and there are usually a lot of fellow runners/bikers/walkers out and about. However, there have been a couple of days that have been pretty cool here-enough so that I don’t feel like my daughter is going to be okay hanging out in the jogging stroller while the cold air hits her face. This has forced me to take it inside to the treadmill a couple of times, which is okay every once in a while because I usually can get some pretty good speed work in.

Photo credit to Xans Eye Photography

The other day I was planning out my treadmill run, and I remembered this fun treadmill speed workout of McKells. I wanted to incorporate some hills in too though, so I created a new workout that had the same 4, 3, 2, 1 layout as hers, but added hill work in with speed work. It ended up being a really fun treadmill run because I was changing things up a lot so it was kept me interested!

*Remember, if you haven’t worked your way up to running you can always do this same format at walking speeds!

4, 3, 2, 1 Hill and Speed Treadmill Workout

First, set a pace that you are comfortable running at. I’m going to refer to this as your comfort pace. Your body is still working, but at zero incline you can talk in sentences during it. That is going to be your pace during the hill work! Do not slow this pace down as the incline goes up! I want you to keep this pace at each level.

Next, I want a pace above your comfort level where you would only be able to say one or two words at a time at zero incline. I will refer to this as above comfort pace. You should not be full on sprinting, but you should be just below that range. This is definitely faster than your average pace. This is your pace during the flat, speed work part of the workout.

If the incline I specify is not enough, find an incline that is challenging for you and increase by 0.5% each time.

Ready? Let’s get started!

4 minute run at 3% incline and at your comfort pace
1 minute run at 0% incline and at your above comfort pace
3 minute run at 3.5% incline and at your comfort pace

1 minute run at 0% incline and at your above comfort pace
2 minute run at 4% incline and at your comfort pace
1 minute run at 0% incline and at your above comfort pace
1 minute run at 5% incline and at your comfort pace
1 mile run at 0% incline and at your above comfort pace-speed up to your full sprint for the last 1/4 mile!

Repeat as needed until your reach your time or distance goal.

I hope you have fun with this workout and remember to challenge yourself!