You all know me by now and you know that I love any reason to throw a good party. I love making cute things and having another reason to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. This is what makes me happy and helps keep me “Healthy”. Holidays are a perfect time to put a big party together and have fun but they are also a time for slacking on our healthy eating and maybe sneaking in one to many of our kids treats;) To help with this problem try making some of these fun treats this year to keep the candy snacking to a minimal.

  • Cute Clementine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts (From Princess Pinky Girl) Kids will love eating their fruits in these scary forms.

halloween healthy snack

  • Fun Broomsticks made out of String Cheese and Long Pretzel sticks (Found Here)

Pretzel sticks with string cheese bristles for a healthy Halloween treat.

Candy Corn Popsicles - Fun and SUPER HEALTHY for the kids!

  • Halloween Sweet Potato Fries (Found on Tablespoon)

Halloween Sweet Potato Fries

 Frightful fruit kabobs

  • Bandaged Fingers take a healthier twist on pigs in a blanket using a Wheat Tortilla (Found on ivillage)

Bandaged Fingers

  • Fast and Easy Jack-O-Lanterns every kid will enjoy (Found Here)

  • Banana Witches Fingers your kids will love eating (Found on iVillage)

Cream Cheese and Banana Witches' Fingers

Honeydew bats at shakentogetherlife.com #shop

  • Veggie Filled Pumpkin Face everyone will enjoy eating (Found Here)Carrot Pumpkin -- Halloween treats. #halloween #healthytreats

I hope you enjoy these fun Halloween treats and try making a few this year to even out all the sugar over load you will be having. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!