Hello Everyone!I hope this beautiful Fall season is treating you all nicely. I know I am totally enjoying it. So today I wanted to go over proper form during workouts. I know in a lot of our workout posts we always say “Use Good Form” or “Don’t Compromise your Form for the amount of Reps”. But what is good or “Proper” form? If you have been confused by what we are trying to mean/say with that then don’t you worry I am going to break it down. :)

There are so many different exercises out there and they all have specific and correct form to each one. But there are 6 General rules you should always try and follow during all of them.

Proper Form When Working Out:

1. Shoulders Back and Down- Always have your shoulders pressed down and resist them from riding up into your neck. This will help keep your spine in line and take tension off your neck and shoulders.

2. Head in Line with Spine- Always keep your head straight in line with your spine. For example when running or lifting weights do not let your head start to push out forward and lead your body. Another example is during plank position or push-ups always keep your head in line with your spine. Don’t look down at your feet curling your neck or don’t look up trying to see whats going on. Keeping a straight line will help with posture and spine/back problems.

3. Don’t Arch your Back- Along with the head, remember to keep your spine and back straight also. When standing and lifting weights don’t lift to heavy that you have to arch your back to get the weight up. Lift lighter weights and use good form. When doing a plank position keep your back straight with your hips in line. Don’t let that tummy drop and cause a sway in your back. Keep your abs engaged at all time and that will help keep your back in-line.

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4. Don’t Let your knees go over your Toes- When you are doing leg exercises make sure to take a look at your knees and make sure they are never going over your toes. When squatting think about sitting back in a chair and not about bending down. If you do then your knees will not be put into a compromising position. The same goes for lunges and over squatting movements. Always check your form before starting these movements.

5. Keep your knees going in same Direction as your Toes- When squatting make sure your knees are not going inward or outward opposite of your toes. This will also cause problems with your knees. Look in mirror or have someone watch you and see if your knees are swaying one way or another. Always have your knees point in the same direction of your toes. Pic Link

6. Proper Breathing- Remember to use good breath when working out and to not hold your breath when performing your exercises. Exhale on the work of the exercise or in other words when contracting the working muscle. If you need to breath loudly in order to remember to not hold your breath then by all means do it. :)

Try and do all of these things during your next workout and you will have less injuries and receive better results.