We all have those days that have been super busy and finally we sit down and we suddenly don’t want to move, right? The other morning was busy for me so when I put Kate down for a nap, I was going to get some cleaning done around my house. Before I started, I sat down to look at my phone for a minute and I just couldn’t convince myself to get back up. I started feeling guilty that I was being “lazy” and putting off dusting my house, but then I made a metal list of all the things I had gotten done before 1pm. After that, I picked up a book and sat and read during her entire nap. When she woke up, I felt refreshed and happy. I did not have any regret about the fact that my house still had a small layer of dust covering the furniture :).

It is important to remember that we need a break sometimes. It doesn’t matter if we are a stay at home mom, a working mom, not a mom, or anything in between, we all need to take some time for ourselves. Being healthy does not only mean eating well and exercising, it also means we know when to listen to our body and slow down sometimes.

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All 3 of us “healthy mommas” try to live healthy and balanced lives, but none of us are perfect at it (nor do we really try to be perfect!). We do not ALWAYS eat completely healthy meals and we do not ALWAYS exercise according to our workout schedules. We try to focus on doing those things most of the time, but at least for me, I have to give myself a break from it sometimes.

I have a goal to only eat out once a week. I do not consider this a “cheat meal” or a “cheat day” or whatever else people call it. It is just a night out where we enjoy having someone else cook for us. It is fun and by the end of the week, I am always looking forward to it! I include any type of eating out as my one day; fast food, sit down restaurants, etc. Sometimes though, other things come up through the week such as friends wanting to go out, life getting busy, or anything else, and eating out only once a week doesn’t happen, and that’s okay! It is not the norm and it is not going to make or break my health to eat out more than once a week sometimes.

I have a pretty good routine when it comes to working out (you can see an example of my workout schedule here, Shauna’s here, and McKells here) and I really like to stick to that routine. I feel better and happy when I exercise regularly, so I hate missing a day. There are times that I just feel exhausted though and I know that is my body telling me I need a break! When I listen to my body and take the day off, I come back the next day feeling better and ready to go. This is not to say we don’t want to push our bodies out of our comfort zone when it comes to exercise, but it is saying that it is okay to take an unplanned day off if we feel like we need it sometimes.

Being mentally and physically healthy means learning how to have a balance in life. Being perfect 100% of the time is impossible and will cause a faster “burn out” rate on both diet and exercise. So give yourself a break when you need it and come back stronger the next day!