I was doing this arm workout the other day and it was a true killer. It really helped me feel the burn deep down in my muscles (which I love). Its just a small simple pulse move that you add to every exercise to make it that much harder. You can add this to any arm workout you are doing, but you can also fallow along here with me. The sequence is 4 and 4. You preform 4 regular repetitions then 4 pulse repetitions in the contracting position. Then repeat this 4 and 4 sequence until you have done your desired repetitions (Aim for 12 repetitions)

Perfect Arm Burn Workout

1. Bicep Curl:  4×4

2. Standing Fly: 4×4

3. Shoulder Press: 4×4

4. Front Arm Raises: 4×4

5. Upright Row: 4×4

6. Chest Press: 4×4

7. Tricep Dips: 4×4

8. Bent-Over-Row: 4×4

9. Single Arm Row (right): 4×4

10. Single Arm Row (left): 4×4

Give this workout a try and let me know how the arm burn went. Remember to do the 4 regular repetitions and then go straight into 4 small pulses while you are contracting that muscle and holding it in that position. Then release and go back to 4 more regular repetitions.

Have a great weekend and feel that arm BURN