Okay first off, I want to say that I love fall! Perfect weather, leaves are changing, yummy fall foods…the list goes on. I mean I love summer, but there is just something about fall that is so great! The other day, my mom and I went on an awesome hike up Dry Canyon in the Orem/Lindon area in Utah. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous right now! All of the mountains are covered in red, yellow and orange leaves. The trails were lined with pretty fallen leaves and the temperature was perfect! The views are absolutely breath taking. If you park in the parking lot at Dry Canyon, you have tons of hiking options. There are at least 5 trails going different directions that you can take, and they are all so fun and beautiful. Dry canyon is a little bit steep, so it was a great workout! I wanted to share some pictures of this hike to motivate all of you to enjoy this fall weather and get out there and hike (no matter where you live)!

photo 3-13

photo 1-18

One of the reasons I love to hike, is to see all of the views from the top. The city below looks so different from the top of a mountain! It is nice to feel the peace and be in the fresh air of the mountains also! Lucky for me, my daughter likes hiking too! She does pretty good riding in the backpack and likes to throw rocks while we hike….only one hit me in the head on this hike…hahaha

photo 4-11



Every state has its beauty, so go and explore! (Also remember to be safe when you are hiking and always hike with a buddy:) ). A little while back, Shauna wrote a post on different hikes in Utah (click here to read post). They are all beautiful hikes. You can find hikes in your area easily by googling “hikes near (your city)”. Hiking is a great family activity! It’s fun to explore the mountains (or hills or whatever you have in your state) together as a family!


photo 1-19photo 2-18

photo 2-19

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and get out there and enjoy the outdoors!