This past week I returned home from my overly anticipated Europe trip. I was gone 10 days and went to 3 different countries. Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. It was not so much a relaxing trip but was full of exciting places and things to see and the best part was 10 days spent with my hubby alone. (Even Better 10 days of him not being able to use his phone) Heaven!

The first country we went to was Germany. We flew into Frankfurt and got there 10am there time. I was super tired from being up for almost 2 days but we got our rental car and started our journey. We drove down to a city called Cochem that lies on the Rhine river. It was a beautiful small old German town that has an amazing old castle on the top of the hill. The Rhine river is notorious for having tons of beautiful old castles scattered across its shore lines. You can either drive the coast and view them all or they have boat tours that travel up the river so you can take in the gorgeous scenery that way.IMG_2790IMG_2788IMG_2794IMG_2793IMG_2792

Our next couple of stops were to the towns Bacharach, Germany and Lucerne Switzerland. Bacharach is another beautiful small town packed full of gorgeous buildings and picture perfect streets. They have ruins left over of a burned down church that was a Jewish church burnt down in WWII. Then above that is the city’s castle that looks over the beautiful land. So much old history packed into every town. Lucerne, Switzerland is a very high class bigger city compared to all the other ones we have visited. Still packed with beauty and cool history but also more up with the times with major high end shopping. LOVE! I may have done some intense shopping in this city that would have been better if my husband was not with me. Gall. This city also is on water front and is gorgeous to just stroll hand and hand down feeding the swans that float along.

Bacharach:IMG_2802IMG_2803IMG_2812The ruins of the burnt down Church IMG_2814I’m in Love with the old doors hereIMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2823Lucerne: 20140925_13495620140925_15045820140925_140310Luzern-Chapel BridgeIMG_2832Painted Murals in the Bridge Built in the 1300 hundreds 20140925_162520Views during the drive on the way to different cities in Switzerland

Next was on to the Swiss Alps. Amazing to see! We stayed up in the Alps in a little town called Stechelberg, Switzerland. We have mountains here in Utah but the Alps are so different and breath taking beautiful. We took the tram ride up to the top of the mountains and hiked around a little bit. When you are on the tram you pass little small towns that are on the mountain face and its crazy to think that people live there year round.20140926_134739IMG_2848Our B&B we stayed at IMG_2851On the Tram ride FullSizeRenderIMG_285720140926_121929

After Switzerland we were off to Italy. We first went to Venice, The city of Romance. I loved that there are no roads in the whole city. Just little skinny streets that you walk down. Not a car in sight. The beauty and architecture in this city is stunning. There is so much old history with beautiful Cathedrals and Palaces for you to tour. The bakery’s that are full of amazing breads and baked goods fill the city with a heavenly aroma. (This was a carb lovers dream trip). I loved all the little shops that are down every street that you can enjoy. It was amazing to just tour the city and take in all the beauty. But my favorite part was doing a Gondola ride at night down their streets which are little rivers. So romantic and peaceful. Our driver was great and explained the history of the buildings and town. We were actually in Venice on the day that George Clooney got married so there was a bit of paparazzi around the city more than usual.20140927_18382120140927_11561520140927_183918IMG_2877On the Gondola Ride IMG_2879IMG_2881IMG_2880IMG_2873Court inside the Doge’s Palace IMG_2867Basilica Di San Marco Cathedral

The last stop we made was one of my favorites. Lake Como in Italy is a hidden treasure in my mind. (kidding I don’t know how hidden it is but it was amazing) Such a gorgeous lake that has beautiful towns all around it. One of the towns is the Bellagio which is were the hotel Bellagio in Vegas is made/inspired after. Such an easy going slower passed area. I told my husband I would be okay if he bought our next summer house here for us. (A girl could Dream) We enjoyed a delicious lunch out on one of the beaches cafes that was to die for. The whole place was a dream.20140928_155314IMG_2883All and all this trip was amazing and I’m so glad we went. Scarlett girl did wonderful with grandma and had so much fun with her. All my worries were for nothing. If you ever get the chance to travel to Europe I highly recommend it. It was fabulous, but like any trip it’s always nice to finally get home.

Have a great weekend and remember to do something that is fun!