Sooooo….this weekend is the St. George Marathon!!! I am so excited and kind of freaking out at the same time haha I can’t believe that marathon time is already here! It seems like I just barely found out that I got in. I have been training and feel ready…I guess as ready as I can be! I have the opportunity to run with my dad this weekend, which is really exciting for me! He has done the St. George Marathon quite a few times (5 or 6 I think?), and loves it every time he does it.


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Before I started training for this marathon, i had just finished a couple of half marathons and was up to 14 miles. I figured that I could just keep adding mileage and stay on a training regimen. Today, I am going to share with you how I have been training, and what has worked for me. I looked at a few different training programs, and took what I liked from them and threw out what I didn’t. The training program that I looked at the most, had me running 6 days per week. I knew that I was not going to want to run 6 days a week because 1. I didn’t want to get sick of running and 2. On my runs during the week, I am usually pushing my daughter in a stroller…didn’t think she would want to be gone 5-6 days per week running and didn’t know if my body could handle it! Knowing these two things, I switched to running 5 days per week. I teach a class on Monday nights that focuses on a lot of high intensity cardio, so I decided that I would run a short easy run on Monday mornings. I did this for a few weeks, but found myself feeling super tired for the rest of my runs during the week. I thought that I would eventually get over that tired feeling, but I never did. So, I switched to running 4 days per week and that has been perfect for me. I feel like my body has time to repair itself, and I don’t get as burned out from running. I enjoy it a lot more, and honestly am a better runner than I was when I was trying to run 5 days per week (Many people would disagree with this, but again, this is what has worked for me). I really enjoy cycling, so have been able to put that into my workout schedule. Below is what my typical workout weeks have been looking like since I have began training:

Workout Schedule:

  • Monday: Teach Cardio Kickboxing Class for 1 hour
  • Tuesday: Run 5-7 miles (with stroller…good thing Parker likes the stroller! ha) at a faster pace (as close to race pace as I can get with my stroller;) ). I also teach a kid exercise class for 40 minutes.
  • Wednesday: Hills or Speedwork 4 miles (If I go outside, I have my stroller. If not, I do these runs on a treadmill) and a weight lifting circuit.
  • Thursday: Run 4-6 miles (with stroller)
  • Friday: Cycling Class or another more intense cardio workout
  • Saturday: Long Runs- 16-21 miles (depending on the Saturday) I did not do super long runs every single Saturday due to traveling and other things, but I got at least 5  long runs in during training.
  • Sunday: Rest Day

*I add core work to about 4 of my workout days

This is probably not the most typical race training schedule, but it is what I have been doing and what works for me. It is a little bit different training for this marathon than it was for the first one that I did. Now that I have Parker, I just have to plan better, and see what works for me, her and my husband. I am super excited for Saturday and will for sure keep you all updated!!

Thanks! Have an awesome week;)