Happy Friday Everyone. I struggle at staying home all the time so I went back up to Bear Lake again for a few days. I don’t want summer to ever end. I also am going to have a big eye opener when I have kids in school one day. Staying home for 9 months (or how ever long school is) is going to be the death of me. Haha so I have to live it up now. Life is to short to not do things you love or spend it with people you hold most dear. photo 3 photo 2

Pictures from my last Bear Lake trip. My cute little family, and my Babe of a Mom pulling Scarlett Girl in the water.


So it has been a little over 30 days now since I extended the opportunity to accept the 30 day squat challenge. Did you guys do it with me? I hope you did and that you received some amazing results. If you are still working on the challenge I encourage you to stick with it and try and finish all 30 days. Woot Woot! I love the feeling of pushing my self through a challenge that I know is hard and then finishing it in the end. Our bodies can do amazing things if we just set our minds to it. If you have not started the 30 day squat challenge but want to HERE is the link about it.


I love the results from this challenge. My legs all over feel stronger and more fit. From running I had muscle but not definition like I was looking for. Doing a form of leg work almost everyday was tiring but great for my whole body in the end. The 2 hardest day’s for me were Day 26- 225 squat star jumps and the following Day 27- 230 pulse squats. Those two days were inner thigh killers. They were hard to get through when your inner thighs feel like they are on fire. Things I did to help me get through this challenge and my hard days:

  • Have music turned up loud and a song playing that pumps me up. I needed this to help me mentally stay focused and also helps me think about something besides the pain. I also like a good fast beat song so I can keep on tempo with my repetitions and get through them faster.
  • Not take to long of a break. To get through the amount of repetitions I needed to take short breaks between them. Some as short as 10 seconds and some as long as a minute. But for me doing half of them at one point of the day and thinking to myself that all do the other half sometime later just never happened. I was to tired by the end of the day to get back into the mood to workout.
  • Remember to use good form. I have struggled with lower back pain for the last few 6-7 years of my life. Whenever I use bad form during my workouts I start to notice the pain. Don’t let your form start to slip up just because you are trying to go at a fast pace and hurry through the repetitions. If you start to notice bad pain of that your form is off, stop and take a break. It’s not worth injuring yourself.
  • Print off the calendar for the 30 days. I had a copy printed off of the calendar and left it in a place I would see often. This was both a reminder and a motivation for me. I loved the feeling of crossing off a day after I completed it.

What were some things that helped you get through this challenge? Also If you have some amazing before and after pictures you want to share please tag us in them. I hope all your hard work payed of for you :)