Yesterday I went running. I went pretty far on Saturday (10 miles) and this was my first run since then, so I was keeping it short-around 3 miles, 4 at the most. I woke up feeling super excited to get out the door and go, but from the very first step I took I knew this was not going to be a good run. It was hard every single step of the way and I just wanted to stop the whole time. I ended up only going 2.7 miles. I don’t even know why it was so hard, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I hate those days when we feel rough during our workout and trust me, it happens to ALL of us. But you know what? It is totally okay! You will feel normal again even if it takes a few bad workouts to get there. After my run yesterday I decided not to do my scheduled run tomorrow and just go to my Pilates class instead of doing both. Sometimes you just need a break, ya know? I think taking breaks when we feel burned out or tired can make us stronger. So I’m definitely looking forward to my next super awesome run!

I found this really good article on competitor.com called “Bouncing Back From A Bad Workout.” There is one section that talks about a bad workout just being a bad workout. I really agree with this:

Sometimes you can’t find any good reason for a miserable workout — you had plenty of recovery and you felt great heading into it. These are the days when you often feel the most frustrated, but they’re also the best opportunity for you to grow and learn about yourself as a runner (source).

So what is the best thing to do after a bad workout? I liked the suggestion in the article of hitting the “reset” button after a bad workout. Forget that workout and start fresh the next day. Don’t try to “make up” the workout, just move on from it. They also agree with me that it is okay to take a break if you need to. If you are in the middle of training, look at your schedule and change it to give yourself some days off (source).



Photo courtesy of Xan’s Eye Photography

I hope you have a wonderful day!