Hey Guys! How are you all? So in my area toady was the first official day back to school for kids. So Happy Back To School for all of you out there. I hope you didn’t have to much of a stressful morning getting kids off and can now make some time to get a workout in :)

I recently bought a couple new workout clothes and also got my new Brooks running shoes. I have used them for a few times now and can give a report on them so I decided to do a product review for you.

Brooks Ghost 6 Running Shoes.

photo 5I have really liked these new Ghost6 shoes. I had been running in Brooks brand shoes before these so this was not to big of a switch for me. If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes I would recommend theses. Here is a link to Brooks running website that helps you decide which style of Brooks running shoes would be best for you HERE

Ghost 6 has been named “Editor’s Running Choice” best shoe.


  • They are very light weight, breathable, and bouncy. The shoe rolls really well from “heel strike to toe off”. Overall they just feel amazing to run in now.
  • The price was amazing for these. I bought these off Brooks official website for $72.00. They were originally $110.00 but because they just came out with the new Ghost 7 these are all now on sale. So hurry and get a pair before they are gone :)
  • I love the color. I like to have my workout clothes and shoes looking cute and these shoes just do that perfectly. They come in 3 different color variations for you to pick from.


  • I only had one problem with these shoes and it really was not even a problem since it lasted only 5 days. When I first started running in these I was not used to the padding and the removed midfoot shank. My feet felt numb and tingling when I ran because of this. But after a few days I got used to it and now I do not have any problems.

Nike’s Dri Fit Running Shorts

I recently got 3 different pairs of these Nike running shorts and all 3 of them are the same size but fit differently.

First this coral pair:photo 2I ran in these during my last half marathon and liked them.


  • They are a breathable mesh material and super comfortable. They kept me cool during the race and I didn’t feel all sweaty.
  • I love the color and how different they look


  • They are a little bit shorter than I normally like but I do have really long legs so it could be because of that.
  • I also did not like where the pocket was placed. It only has a little built in pocket on the back (on your bum) for something really small like a key. I have other running shorts that have pockets in the front that I think are easier to access and feel safer.

Next, This Purple Pair:photo 1


  • These are slick dry material so water will not absorb into it. The black side panels are mesh material so they let air in and our breathable. They fit great and are comfortable.
  • They are a good length and give plenty of coverage over your bum.
  • These are my most favorite pair out of the three.


  • This pair also had the pocket on your bum which I do not like as much.

 Last, This Green Snake Pattern:photo 3Pros:

  • This is the same fabric as the purple pair, The slick dry light weight material with the mesh panels on the side for letting air in.
  • The color of this pair is fun and really different. No one else will have this same pair of shorts


  • Even though these are the same size as all the other ones they are super short. When I bend over to stretch I feel like I’m mooning the world :). Luckily they have the built in panties that help from showing everything.
  • These have the same small slit pocket opening on the back by your bum that I don’t like.

Overall I am really happy with all my new workout gear and like how they all perform. Have you tried any of these products? and If so what do you think of them?