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Hey everyone! First off how is your 30 day squat challenge going? You should be on day 4 now if you are doing this with me. But if you are just starting or missed a day that is fine, just keep pressing on. How are your legs and body feeling? I am a little sore but I like that feeling because then I know I am pushing hard and will be seeing results soon :) So Keep up with the Challenge and before you know it 30 days will be up. 

Yesterday my Brother took Scarlett, the puppies, and I on a hike right by where I grew up. The hike is called “BattleCreek” and its up Pleasant Grove Canyon. It was a fairly easy hike with only a few steep parts but it ends at a beautiful waterfall. It was a lot of fun and great to spend the afternoon outside enjoying nature. But here is the sad pathetic part of the story. I had never even heard of or been on this hike and I have lived in Utah my whole life. Pathetic I know! So this got me thinking that I need to research out some other cool hikes that are around me and start going on ones that I have never been on before. I made a list of 10 Fun Family Hikes that you could do here in Utah. I Challenge you guys to get out and try some of them and enjoy nature and being with your family and friends. If you do not live in Utah then I Challenge you to look up and research some hikes around your area and try out some new ones. You never know what you will find.

photo 1My Brother, Jeff and Scarlett at the Waterfall

photo 2Scarlett and I

photo 5Miss S, the Puppies, and I


10 Fun Family Hikes

1. Alpine Pond: 2 mile Hike in Cedar City, Utah (link for more info)

2. Brighton Lakes Trail: 6 Mile Hike in Brighton, Utah (link for info)

3. Crystal Lake Loop: 3 mile hike in Kamas, Utah (link for info)

4. Cascade Springs: 0.6 mile hike in Provo, Utah (link for info)

5. Snowbird Lake: 1 mile hike in Granite, Utah (link for info)

6. City Creek Canyon: 12 mile hike in Salt Lake, Utah (link for info)

7. Red Butte Garden Trails: 4 mile hike in Salt Lake, Utah (link for info)

8. Foreman Hollow Nature Trail: 4.3 mile hike in Heber, Utah (link for info)

9. Fifth Water Trail: 4 mile hike in Spanish Fork, Utah (link for info)

10. Lambs Canyon to Mill Creek Ridge: 4.2 mile hike in East Millcreek, Utah (link for info)

Well I hope you guys try out some of these hikes or go and find some in your own areas. Have fun and try and find somewhere new.