This is the last week before school starts. So crazy that time went by this fast. I don’t have a child in school but my family is doing a fun packed week with all the cousins before some of them go back to school. Scarlett is loving all the fun outings and time spent with family. But summer is not all the way over yet and I still have a few vacations planned and want to look “Fit” for them. So I wanted to do this 30 day Squat Challenge from Bodyrock and I hope you guys will join and do this with me?! :) It’s always more fun to do challenges together so JOIN ME!

Take a before picture of your self so when your done you can see the changes made and how far you have come.

Day 1: 50 Weighted Squats
Day 2: 55 Burpees
Day 3: 60 Sandbag swings
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: 70 Inner thigh Lifts (35 each leg)
Day 6: 75 Bench Leaps
Day 7: 80 Weighted Squats
Day 8: Rest Day
Day 9: 100 Wide leg Squats
Day 10: 105 Pulse Squats
Day 11: 100 1 Leg Lifts (50 each side)
Day 12: Rest Day
Day 13: 130 Ski Abs
Day 14: 135 Switch Jumps
Day 15: 140 Weighted Lunges (70 each leg)
Day 16: Rest Day
Day 17: 150 Weighted Squats
Day 18: 155 Squat Jumps
Day 19: 160 Weighted Squats and Kick (80 each leg)
Day 20: Rest Day
Day 21: 180 Step up Leg lifts (93 each leg)
Day 22: 185 Ball Jumps
Day 23: 190 Switch Lunges
Day 24: Rest Day
Day 25: 220 Mountain Climbers
Day 26: 225 Squat Star Jumps
Day 27: 230 Pulse Squats
Day 28: Rest Day
Day 29: 240 Squat Side Kick (120 each leg)
Day 30: 250 Random (100 weighted squats, 100 wide leg squats, and 50 low pulse squats


You don’t have to do all the repetitions for each day all at once. If you need to break them up throughout the day that is just fine. Just try to get them all in at some point.

Let me know if you are going to join me in this challenge and how it goes for you.