So as we have mentioned before, treadmill workouts can get pretty boring sometimes. It’s hard for me to run at the same pace for long periods of time on a treadmill, so I like to change incline and speed to keep it fun and interesting. Since I have been doing this, I actually don’t mind treadmills! I feel like my treadmill workouts have been super beneficial to my training. Today’s treadmill workout is a combination of incline and sprints…think of climbing up a big mountain, running on top of that mountain for a little bit, and then sprinting down the mountain. I have given specific incline levels, but not speed levels because everyone is different. Here are the guidelines to follow when picking a speed that is right for you:

  • Comfort Level: Speed you can keep for a long time…a speed that is comfortable to you.
  • Just Above Comfort Level: Speed where you are pushing yourself a little bit, but not too hard.
  • Hard: You are pushing yourself. It feels hard, but not your hardest.
  • Very Hard: The hardest you can go. This is your fastest sprint!


***Try not to go slower than your comfort pace during this workout…even up the hills, try not to slow down. While going up the hills, you can stay at comfort, or add a little speed if you need to. Adjust speed and incline as needed. Remember to go at your own specific level.

P.S. This workout looks long and confusing, but it really is not! It follows the same 4-3-2-1 pattern as my last treadmill workout (click here to check out the 4-3-2-1 Treadmill workout). So don’t let the explanation scare you!

P.P.S.  If this is not hard for you, speed up or crank up that incline:)

Ready?! Heeeerrreee we goooo!!!

2-5 minute Warm-up

4 minute incline at 2.0%

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

4 minute “just above comfort” sprint

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

3 minute incline at 4.0%

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

3 minute “hard” sprint

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

2 minute incline at 6.0%

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

2 minute “hard” sprint

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

1 minute incline at 8.0% or 10.0% – you choose:)

1 minute recovery at comfort speed

1 minute “very hard” sprint

2- 5 minute cool down

= 30-37 minutes! Repeat if you would like a longer workout:)


Have fun! Tell me how you like it!


Photo Credit: Xan’s Eye Photography