Are you ready for an ab burning workout that is challenging and short?! Well my friends, I have just the workout for you! Your core will definitely feel this workout, and it’s perfect to do at the end of a run or to add into a weight lifting circuit. I used to be a cheerleader for Brigham Young University. After practice and as a team, we would workout with a trainer about 4 days a week. Our trainer was awesome! She was one tough girl and had challenging workouts for us every day. She added this ab combination to one of my workouts, and I have loved it ever since! I have since added cherry pickers (also known as Russian Twists) to the original combo- if you want to do the original, just don’t add those:). Good luck and have fun! Let me know how it goes for you!

The Dirty 30 Ab Workout:

  • 30 seconds of cherry pickers
  • 30 seconds of flutter kicks
  • 30 seconds of scissor kicks
  • 30 seconds of bicycle abs
  • 30 seconds of ab levers

For the best “burn” do not rest between exercises…try to do all of the exercises in a row! And if you’re really feelin crazy, repeat the workout! Remember: do not sacrifice form! Quality over quantity: it’s better to have good form than high reps.

Exercise descriptions and pictures:

Cherry Pickers (Russian twists):

image image

Lean back at a 45 degree angle, your back should never touch the ground during this exercise. Twist through your abdomen and swing your arms side to side (without stopping in the middle, it is a continuous motion). Go slow and stay in control.

Flutter Kicks:

image image

Go into a hollow body hold position (shoulders and feet barely off of the ground with core engaged). “Flutter” your feet by lifting one leg higher than the other and then switching. This should be a continuous motion.

Scissor Kicks:

image image image

Go into a hollow body hold position. Cross your feet in then bring them out and cross them again with the opposite leg on top this time. Keep your tummy sucked in and your core engaged.

Bicycle Abs:

image image

Alternate sides while “pedaling” your legs in the air like you are on a bicycle. It is important to go slow and stay in control during the workout. Keep your tummy tucked in and your core tight while performing this exercise.

Ab Levers:

image image

Slowly raise your legs to a 90 degree angle then slowly lower. You do not want your legs to ever rest on the ground!
Have a great Thursday!!!