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This week has been so hot! The other day I went running at 10am….that was a very bad idea. Do not follow that example of mine, I thought I was going to pass out by the end. I had to keep sitting down under trees as I was trying to find any energy I had left to get myself up the hill and back home. Since then I have learned my lesson and have been trying to be out the door much much earlier. It’s okay though because I will take heat over freezing cold any day!

If you guys are anything like my husband and I, we sometimes struggle to think of “date night” ideas that aren’t going out to dinner and going to a movie (okay, now a days its more likely watching a movie at home). That definitely is great to do and I’m not complaining about it, but it is so nice to get out and do something active together. I feel like the conversation gets so much deeper when we are out doing things together compared to when we are just having our regular date night, and it is always fun to do something different!

With that in mind, today I want to throw out some ideas of things you can do together as a date night or even just after work one weeknight. Some will cost money but others you can do for free.

1. Running/biking/rollerblading: This is an obvious one but one that is looked over a lot. Do something you love together! I love running and it is so fun when my husband will go with me. Even if one of you is slower or can’t go as far, just enjoy the time together! Sign up for a race together so that you can work towards something at the same time.



2. Find a new hike: One summer my husband and I made it a goal to go on a new hike once a week for a month. It was so much fun! We researched out different hikes to go on and would decide which we wanted to do that week. The night before, we got all our food and supplies ready then took off the next morning. These are some of the greatest memories I have of a summer together! 


3. Go for an evening walk: I am not talking about going on a leisurely stroll here. Put on your gym shoes and workout clothes and go for a real walk that is going to get your heart rate up. The great thing about this is that you will be able to hold up a conversation, but you are still making your heart work.

4. Indoor rock climbing: This is a great one to keep in mind through the winter. It can be expensive but there are a lot of discount passes out there and you can buy a membership if you decide to go a lot. I loved when my husband and I went rock climbing together, it’s definitely something I want to do again. It was fun to help each other reach new goals on the different walls and encourage each other to make it to the top. And it was an awesome workout. My shoulders were super sore the next day!

5. Go to the gym together: I know this doesn’t sound like a very exciting “date night,” but it’s actually really fun to go together. I definitely did different workouts at the gym when I used to go with my husband, so it was fun to change up my routine. 

6. Go swimming: All winter we went swimming every Saturday night at the indoor pool at our YMCA. I really looked forward to it every week! We would take turns swimming laps and playing with Kate and it worked great! I also loved it because I want to keep Kate comfortable in the water, and since winter can be quite long in New York, it was a good way to do that. 

7. Throw a football/frisbee around: My husband and I really like to do this. It’s always just casual but always turns out to be really fun! 

8. Plan a game night with just you two: We were definitely better at planning game nights with just the two of us when we were first married, but we need to start doing it again because we always had a good time. This could be a board game, card game, any sporting game, or even a video game (we liked Mario Kart and Dr. Mario). It’s fun to get a little competitive together! Although this is not the most active type of activity, it still gets you interacting together in a different way.

9. Go sledding/snow skiing/snow boarding: Winter can be really hard, but I find that if you keep doing things you enjoy during it, it is much more bearable! My husband loves to go snowboarding and it is such a great workout! I haven’t been for a few years now so lately we have gone sledding together instead and we always have a good time!


If you guys have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below! I’m always looking for new ideas!