DSC_0345Hello Everyone! I hope you guys are all having a fabulous Sunday. Sunday is suppose to be the day of rest but I am running around like crazy today because tomorrow is my baby girl’s 2nd birthday. 2nd Birthday People. When did this happen?! I thought children knew they were not a loud to grow up. Ugh. But besides being emotionally stunned from having a toddler and no longer baby I am also planning an Ice Cream Parlor Birthday party for her. I am not going to lie I go a little crazy over the top with my parties. But I honestly love it. I love creating a fun atmosphere and DIYing fun things to make every party special. I know it is totally more for me but I hope Scarlett enjoys it and one day realizes all the hard work Mommie put into her big Day :) If you want to see how the party turned out I will post pictures on Tuesday and give you a break down of what I did.

Well on to the recipe for today. I have been looking for a fun summer treat that I could easily make for parties or BBQ’s and came across this one on Pinterest from Dessert for Two . It is so simple and easy to make but tastes delicious and is much healthier than an original ice cream sandwich. All the concept is basically using 2 watermelon slices as your outside cookie part and then using the sherbet as the ice cream filling. Its that simple.


Raspberry Sherbet (here is a link for a homemade recipe I found)


Scoop your Sherbet into an 8×8 foil lined baking dish (leave a foil overhang for easy removal) and smooth/flatten it out. Place it back into the freezer to harden back up again.


Cut up your watermelon into the sizes and shapes you want the sandwiches to be. I did the basic triangle piece and made it about 1/2 inch thick.


Next take your sherbet back out of the freezer and slice it using a pizza slicer into the matching shape and thickness of the watermelon. Lift the sides of the foil and remove sherbet from the pan.


Place the Sherbet Slice on top of the first watermelon slice and then top it off with the second watermelon slice. Do a little press squish movement to make the sandwich stay together and serve. Serve these immediately being that they will not keep for long.DSC_0344

Sit back and sink your teeth into these delicious babes during a hot summer night. I hope you and your guests enjoy these as much as I have.DSC_0346