I have been looking for both new running shorts and a new sports bra for a while now. I don’t know why, but I am so picky about both of them, so finding new ones is not an easy challenge for me. I am totally not  picky on running shirts, but I need shorts and sports bras to fit really good or it drives me crazy! I also am not able to spend a bunch of money on high end running clothes at this point in my life, so price is a factor for me.

I finally found some the other day and am super excited about them so I wanted to write a little review for you guys. None of this post is sponsored by anyone, it is just my opinion about the products I bought :).

I first bought a pair of Nike shorts. I loved the look of them, but when I wore them for a really short test run, I realized they weren’t perfect for me (more details below).  The next day I was at Target and when I walked by their running section, I figured I might as well take a look around. Just to preface this, I am not one of those people that is obsessed with everything Target. I feel like they have some good stuff but I don’t go crazy over it like a lot of people. So anyway, that is where I found both my sports bra and my shorts and I am really happy with them!

First I will review the Nike shorts I originally bought, and then I will review the Target shorts and sports bra that I decided on.

Nike Women’s Racer Print Running Shorts

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Pros: I really love the look and feel of these shorts. They are super thin and the waist band fits well and is really comfortable (isn’t so tight that I get a stomach pouch, but tight enough that they stay in place). They have built in underwear, which I can do with or without depending on the shorts, but I didn’t even notice them in this pair. They were really comfortable and not too tight around my legs.

The print of the shorts is really cute and they come in 4 different colors. They fit me really well and I would say they are true to size.
I got them on sale so obviously that is a plus!

Cons: The absolute break it for me was that these shorts rode up on my thighs really bad the second I started running. That is why I am picky about running shorts, I really hate that. The other thing that I was disappointed in was that they don’t have a small pocket built in. This isn’t a “make it or break it” for me, but it surprises me that Nike wouldn’t add that. I also felt like the slit up the side landed in a bad place on me. I really loved the fit otherwise, but I did feel like it extenuated my “saddle bag” area.

I bought these shorts at Dicks Sporting Goods. Click here for the link to them.

C9 by Champion Women’s Premium Run Shorts

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)unnamed (5)Pros: I thought these shorts were really cute and different. I liked that the back is different from the front. The material is SO soft. They are so comfortable and I sort of feel like I am not even wearing shorts, which makes them perfect for hot summer weather for me-they are light and airy. They have built in underwear also, which are really comfortable and do not dig into my legs. The waist is extremely comfortable and sort of feels like pajamas (except they stay in place). They do have a pocket in the back and I was very excited about that! And it is actually a fairly good size pocket for running shorts.
These shorts come in 3 different colors online-purple, black, and blue, but I only saw blue and black in the store.
They did not ride up while I was running in them, yay!
They fit fairly true to size although I think if you are going between two sizes, I would go down and not up.

Cons: They were the same price as the Nike’s (on sale) which is not expensive by any means, but I felt like I should be paying less at Target. Still well worth the money and like I said, still not expensive, but that did cross my mind.
It was sort of humid when I was running, and by the end of my run when I was more sweaty than normal from the humidity, the fabric on the front did stick to my legs a little. Not bad enough to really bother me, but I noticed it. 

Click here for the link to these shorts at Target. P.S. the purple is on sale for $12.49….what?!!

C9 by Champion Women’s Medium Support Molded Cup Sports Bra

unnamed (9)

unnamed (8)

Pros: I loved this blue color and although the color is not the most important thing, that is definitely what drew me in first. I love sports bras that have clasps in the back. I think it makes the bra fit so much better around your ribs and I was so happy when I saw that this one had that! I also think it is really cute with the dip in the front. That being said, if you have very large breasts, I do not know if this will give you enough support while running. That is not a problem for me though (hello post-breastfeeding hahaha!), so I had plenty of support. My biggest thing with sports bras is that they fit tight around my ribs, and this one did that very well, especially with the clasps. I like that the cups are molded while not having a bunch of padding in them, so you still look natural and not like you stuffed your bra full of toilet paper :).

I felt like this bra ran true to women’s sizing around the ribs but maybe a tiny bit big in the cups.

Cons: There was one seam on the bra that bothered me at the start of my run. Once I got into my run I forgot about that spot and it didn’t bother me again, but I do think that was sort of a dumb seam (picture below).
Since it has molded cups there is a little more to it than just your plain old sports bra, so it was a little hotter than my others. A little swoobs never hurt anyone though, right?! 

unnamed (10)The seam I am talking about is the one on the right hand side that is directly above the other seam.

Click here for the link to this sports bra at Target. The purple and the pink are both on clearance online for $9.98! You definitely cannot beat that and I may have to order me one of those now….

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Have a wonderful Saturday!