Happy Weekend everyone. Oh how I love Fridays and date night with my Hubs. It is the pick me up to get me through the rest of the week and gives me the little bit of sanity I need to remind me that I’m still a fun sociable person and not only a “mom”. I hope you all feel the same way as me sometimes :) But on to today’s post. I have had people ask me, what do I do personally for my own workouts. They know I do personal training and write workout programs for other people but what do I do for myself. Well here you go people I will tell you :)

Right now i am currently training for a Half Marathon that is on the 24th of July. It is the Deseret News Half that is in Salt Lake Utah area. I am training for time and want to get a Personal Best on this race. So because of that I have been doing more intense training than I usually do.

photo 1My Running Breakdown: I run outside at 6:00 am with a group of 2 other women

MondayEasy run day of 5 to 6 miles
TuesdaySpeed day, I run between 6 to 9 miles and do anywhere from 800 meter to 100 meter sprints
WednesdayShorter run day, I usually will do 5 to 6 miles again
ThursdayHills day, I run around 6 to 9 miles but am doing intense hill climbs
FridayRest from running day
SaturdayLong distance day, I run 10 to 13 miles this day
SundayNo workout day

photo 2

After my Run Workout: I still want to gain muscle so I do a series of strength training exercises daily for about 30 mins.

(This Schedule does not always stay the same)

Monday: Leg and Butt day
Tuesday: Core work
Wednesday: Arms and Shoulders
Thursday: Back and Chest
Friday: Full body (Interval Training)
Saturday: Core work


If I’m not training for a Race Workout: I do not keep this intense running schedule going all year long, I would get burned out if I did. So when I’m not training I do a lot of full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. I have posted some of the workouts that I do in the workout section of the blog. I mainly follow a similar schedule to the one above but I do a mix of full body Interval training added in to each day with a burnout of the specific muscle group at the end. My HIIT workouts last from 45 mins to 1 hour plus a 15 min burnout. To keep up on my running I do a round of sprints on my treadmill after each exercise. So for example:

50 Seconds of Burpees
10 Second rest
50 Second Sprint
10 Second rest
50 Second Clean and Press
10 Second rest
50 Second Sprint

And so on… You get the picture right? :)

DSC_0366I also stay pretty active during the rest of the day. Being a mother of an almost 2 year old and 4 month puppy keeps me on my toes. I try to do something active everyday with Scarlett. We either go to the park, go for a walk, go swimming, anything that will burn off some of her energy. At nights when Derek gets home we also do something fun as a family. We have been getting into biking together while pulling Scarlett in a bike trailer (which she loves) to help keep us active. I want Scarlett to grow up loving being active and keeping her body moving.

So everyone this was a little breakdown of what I do to stay fit and healthy. I would love to hear from you guys what your workout schedules are like. Have a fabulous Friday.

– Shauna