Seriously though!! The other day I stumbled upon this quote on Instagram from @whole30. I love it because it is so true!! Why do we let ourselves treat our bodies and selves so badly?! How many times in our lives have we said how fat we are, how our butt is too big or too little, or how we would feel so much more confident if our thighs were a little bit more sculpted and our hair was curlier or more straight?! As a society, we are so hard ourselves. We are trained from when we are young by the media on what our bodies should look like. According to them, we should all have six packs and look really pretty when we wake up in the morning haha The reality of it all is, is that our bodies are all different. One person’s “healthy” body is different from another person’s “healthy” body. That is what makes us all so unique and different!!I love that each of us have specific talents and skills. We all have talents and are special in our own ways. Yep that’s right…every single one of us! Don’t forget that. It’s amazing to me how amazing and complex our bodies are. How it knows how to heal itself, how it reacts to danger and stress, how our brains think and our hearts beat… Yep, pretty awesome. Be confident with your body. Take care if it! Fuel it with healthy food, exercise regularly, and be positive about yourself! Be the best that YOU can be:)

A few months ago, I heard a story about a woman who had little children. She would often look into the mirror and look at her stomach and other areas of her body and talk about how she wished that they could be changed. One day, she saw her young daughter doing the exact same thing. She realized that she needed to stop being negative about herself because it was rubbing off on her daughter. She decided that instead of complaining about her body, she would say positive things about herself and her body to her children. She wanted them to have a positive body image, so she knew that she needed to show them that she had one also.

That story was a great reminder to me that our children watch us VERY closely!! If at first you cannot be positive about yourself for you, do it for your children:) I know that I want my daughter to be confident in herself. I want her to be happy with who she is and how she looks. I was lucky to grow up in a household where my father and mother were great examples of confidence and having a positive self image. I hope that I will be the example to my children the way that they were to me!

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I do want you to know that you are all beautiful in your own way! Take care of your body and love it so that you can live a happy and healthy life!