I came across this article on Facebook and thought it was very good and was blogworthy. I know, I know, usually articles that are shared on Facebook are not the best way to get real health advice, but every once in a while, a good one comes along. I thought this fit in that category. I hope you guys agree with me :).

This article originally ran on the Huffington Post on their Healthy Living page. They interviewed a group of nutrition experts on what types of misinformation many of us believe about nutrition. They discuss 8 different topics including clean eating, gluten free eating, and detoxing. I thought it was very well done and gave clear and concise information. I definitely learned a few new things from reading it!

To give an example out of the article, one of the biggest trends right now is clean eating. Clean eating is wonderful, I definitely will not talk bad about it, but I liked this take on it. In the article, Registered Dietitian Elizabeth M. Ward states, “Many athletes refer to ‘clean’ as eating natural, wholesome, real foods and fewer processed options. I think that makes sense, but I don’t know why we need to call it ‘clean’ instead of healthy eating. I’m starting to see marketers say their processed products are made with “clean” ingredients, so to me this is just a meaningless term.” I like that she focuses on healthy eating instead of masking it under some other name.

I think the article really pushes living a balanced lifestyle in terms of nutrition, and since that is what we try to promote here, I thought it fit well with our blog.

Go here to read the article.

I am out running Ragnar Wasatch Back this weekend! I will give a race recap on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

What did you think of the article?