Well that was the Longest 2 Weeks Ever! haha I found this challenge to be difficult for me and it took a lot of self control. The hardest part was getting into the mindset of saying no to sugar and sweets. The first couple of days were the worst and I am not going to lie I did have a little slip up and had a small piece of candy (dang it) haha. I did learn a few things and tips along the way through this journey to help be more successful. Tips:

1. Support Group

I talked about this in the first post but wow I didn’t realize how important having people support you in this cause is. Having someone to be accountable to and who knows your trying to eliminate sweets is very helpful. Having that person tell you not to eat that candy or to give me the look of “Stay Strong” helped keep me on track.

2. Environment Free of Sweets

This can be hard because we cannot always control or create the environment we are always in. For example during the 2 weeks I had to go up to girls camp for my Church and those few days were the hardest. I was in an environment of unhealthy food and surrounded by treats that people were always offering me. I heard a lot of “your too healthy you deserve a treat”, or “your too skinny you need to eat this dessert”. Its hard to be in a atmosphere like that right when you are starting off on this challenge. It took a lot of self control and discipline to try and remain with my goal. At home I eliminated all sweets from my home and removed all temptation which made this challenge easier.

3. Brush your Teeth After Dinner

I found this simple task to be very helpful. Like I have stated before I eat healthy all day and then tend to snack on sweets and treats at night after dinner. So to help me with this I brushed my teeth after dinner and that forced me to not want to eat anything again.

How did this Challenge go for you? Were you able to go 2 weeks without any processed or added sugar? Also what tips or things helped you the most in order to be successful. Let us know so we all can learn from each other:)

I hope you liked this challenge. Stay tuned for another challenge coming your way soon.