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This year has flown by for me. I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by. I cannot believe that we are already half way through 2014. Crazy. So here it is… Your Check up to see how all those New Years Resolution Goals are going.

Did you make any goals that you have stuck with and are still working on? Or have you already completed any goals? Or have you fallen off track and are no longer working towards your goals?

Whatever your answer may be to the questions above we all should remember why we set those goals and the importance of goal setting.

My own personal physical fitness goals were to increase my weight training and build more muscle, and also to run a marathon. I have been working on increasing my muscle growth and I have been seeing improvement but I’m trying to get myself motivated to run a marathon. I am starting to get back into long distance running and hopefully will feel ready to complete a marathon soon. (wish me luck on that one)

I also set other personal goals with my husband that have been going so so and could be better. I am just like the majority of people who do really good at their goals at the start but then when time and life goes on I started to forget about them. Well to help me with that problem I am going to try a new idea out called a “Vision Board”. It’s something my brother does that he told me about which helps him keep on track and visualize his goals. He has inspired me to try it out and I challenge you guys to try it also.

Vision Board: Is an actual board that you place pictures or quotes on that will inspire you each day to reach your goals. Having a visual reminder of what you are trying to achieve can be very helpful by keeping you on task. It does not have to be big like this one full with lots of pictures. It just needs to be specific for you and your needs and goals. What ever will get you motivated put it on there. Then place this in an area you will see each day and every time you see it ask yourself “am I living each day striving to be better and achieve my ultimate goals?” Now lets finish the rest of the year off strong and reestablish those goals we are wanting to achieve.

I am working on my own vision board and will post a picture of it when I am done. I would love to see your own vision boards or ideas that you come up with. I hope this idea will help you keep on track for the rest of the year. Also if you have other ways that help keep you on track with your goals please share them :) I am always in need of new ideas and ways to help.