It’s always nice to have a go-to workout when you are out of town or short on time. This workout is just that! It’s quick, you definitely sweat, and it challenges you no matter what level of fitness you are at. My family and I have been on vacation this past week, and we were able to do this workout on the beach…so fun! My sisters and husband and I all were able to do this workout together. It was super fun to do it together and it was a great challenge!

Here is the workout:

  • 50 meter sprint
  • 25 meter overhead lunge
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 burpees
    • Repeat circuit 10 times

50 meter sprint:

We measured out 50 meters by taking 50 large steps and then drew a starting and finish line.

Overhead Lunge:

Perform a regular lunge with your arms straight over head.

photo 4 lunge


Remember to keep your back straight and your bootie down!

photo 2 pushup start

photo 3 pushups


Start in a standing position. Bend your legs and put your hands on the floor. Jump out into a push-up position. Bring your feet back in. Stand up and jump to the ceiling. If you would like to make it more challenging, add a push-up before you bring your feet back in and jump.

burpee startphoto 2 pushup startburpee start


Have fun!!