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I love summer time because there is so much delicious fruit available for us to eat. We know we are suppose to get more fruits in our diet but why? Why are fruits so good for you and what is in them? Well I decided to do a post on the breakdown of fruits and what each one has in them to benefit your health. First off we need to know how many servings of fruit our body needs each day. Here is a link to a calculator that will tell you exactly how many servings you need personal based on your caloric intake from CDC. Also I provided a link for you to see how much a serving/cup sized portion of fruit is HERE. So be sure to check both of those out.

Benefits Of Fruits: 

Blueberries– Rank the highest of any fruit in antioxidants and also are packed full of Vitamin C and Fiber.

Strawberries– Packed full of Vitamin C and is at the top of the list of fruits with good sources of antioxidants. Helps protect your heart and increase your HDL.

Pear– Need to eat the skin in order to receive full benefit, but is high in Fiber and Vitamin C and K as well.

Bananas– High in Potassium, and Iron. Helps increase and restore energy, and helps regulate bowel control.

Kiwis– Very high in Vitamin C, and is know to help maintain and develop of bone health.

Apple– Need to eat skin in order to receive full health benefits. Very high in Fiber and Vitamin C. Protects your heart and helps with preventing diarrhea.

Pineapple– Extremely high in Vitamin C and magnesium. Helps relieve colds, and digestive benefits.

Peaches– Good source of Fiber, and Vitamin C and A. Helps with weight control because they are so low in calories.

Grapes– Good source of Vitamin K and Copper. Helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. Helps control your blood pressure.

Oranges– Good source of Vitamin C. Supports immune system and antioxidant protection. Also helps maintain great skin.

Watermelon– Good source of Vitamin C. Great to help with weight loss because of its low calories. Helps control heart rate.

Not only do fruits taste amazing but they do amazing things for our body. Try to increase your intake of fruit and also try out a new kind of fruit and increase your variety to help with your overall health. They are also a great substitute for wanting something sweet.

What is your favorite kind of fruit? Let us know which one you enjoy best. Have a great Weekend!