Hey guys! Sometimes it is super hard to stay on track with exercise…especially in the summer time! Life gets busy, temperatures get hotter, and people are out of town a lot! Though it may seem impossible to stay on top of your health goals during the summer, it IS possible! One thing that always helps me stay on top of my goals and active during the summer is to sign up for a race. When I do this, I stay motivated and feel like I have a goal that I can work towards.


I would like to challenge everyone who wants to participate to sign up for a race this summer! Whether your goal is to walk a 1 mile race or run a 50 mile trail race, you can find a race near you that will fit your needs. There are A TON of races, especially in the summer. You would be surprised how many you can find and participate in. Here are a few websites that list upcoming races:

There are many other websites that will help you find a race to participate in. I have found that the easiest way to find them is to google “races in [your city] 2014”. You will get tons of results.

If you need help training for a 5k, visit Jaeme’s post here. For tips on how to train for a half marathon, click here. There are many different training programs on halhigdon.com.

Remember that you do not have to be a “runner” to sign up for a race! Don’t feel like you have to finish your race in a certain time. Just have fun participating and staying healthy. Also, sign up with a friend! It is always more fun to train and participate with someone else, and you can both motivate each other to stay on track!

Have fun and let me know what race you are going to sign up for!