When I first started working out I’m not going to lie I really didn’t like push-ups. But with time I have grown to love them (as much as you can love a push-up) and love the results they give my body. Push-ups are a great exercise and work your whole body. While doing a standard push-up it mainly targets your chest (Pectoralis) muscles but your body also uses your shoulder (Deltoid) and Triceps as Synergist muscles (helps you accomplish the movement). You also use your Abdominals and your Quadriceps as Stabilizing muscles to help you remain in good form. So by performing a push-up you are actually working at least 5 main muscle groups.

While I’m hoping we all know what a regular push-up is and how to perform it I want to show you 7 different variations of push-ups you can try. Add them to your daily workout and change up your routine to target different muscles.

Try and perform 10-12 repetitions of each exercise or add them into your workout routines. Remember to always use good form while performing a push-up with your back straight and your bum not raising up or dipping down.

1. Tricep Push-Up:DSC_0342DSC_0343DSC_0370





Get into a high plank position and have your feet shoulder width apart and arms straight down from your shoulders. While performing this pushup keep your elbows against your body when lowering down. This way you will feel the majority of the work in your Tricep muscles.  Push back up to starting plank position and reap the rep.

2. Push-Up with an Oblique Twist:DSC_0345DSC_0346DSC_0347






In a high plank position you are going to perform a regular standard push-up but when you return back to the plank position lift one arm above your head and perform a oblique (side) twist. Perform another push-up and repeat with other arm and side twisting. (Add weight to make it harder)

3. Power Push-Up:








Start laying flat on your stomach and having your hands close to your body under your shoulders. Then using your arms and legs power up having your whole body leave the ground. Control back down landing back down in starting position.

4. Single Legged Push-Up:






Get in high plank position and place one foot crossed over the other one. Perform a push-up and then return to starting position. Switch working legs and repeat push-up. (Try this with your feet elevated to make it harder)

5. Easy One Arm Push-Up:







Start laying flat on the floor on your stomach. Place one arm behind your back while the other is straight out from the shoulder. Using that working arm press your body up of the ground into one arm high plank position. Lower down and repeat with the other arm.

6. Push-Up with Knee Tuck:







Start out in high plank position and perform a regular push-up. While lowering down bring one knee tucked up and try to touch its corresponding elbow. Return to starting high plank position and repeat with other leg tucked up trying to touch corresponding elbow.

7. Reptile walking Push-Up:







Get in high plank position and place hands in a staggered position on the ground with one higher up than the other. While performing the push up simultaneously bring the same knee up as arm that is more forward and try to touch knee to elbow. Come up to starting position and repeat on other side while moving forward in a walking manor.



I hope you guys liked these push-up variations and can add them into your daily workout routine. Trying new forms of the regular push-up will bring new life back into a boring standard exercise we all already know. Good luck trying these out and let me know if you have any questions.

– Shauna