Hey guys! Today we are excited to have a guest post from Elisha Jachetti. Elisha is the creator of The Health Mafia. The Health Mafia is a health and wellness blog that focuses on gluten-free and dairy-free living. Elisha is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. For tips on fitness, recipes, and more, head over to The Health Mafia

A New Way to Sweat This Summer

By Elisha Jachetti of The Health Mafia


Are you getting tired with your gym routine? Can you simply not bring yourself to get on the same elliptical to do the same exercise you have already done a million times? Then, it is time to start looking for a way to reinvigorate your current program. Luckily, the fitness industry evolves so rapidly that there are constantly new methods and programs being invented. The only obstacle between you and fitness boredom is a little research, and I’ve done some of that for you!

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years. It is a water sport that must be done outside. For beginners, it is practiced preferably in a calmer body of water, such as a bay, sound, or lake. However, more experienced boarders can do this in the ocean. Generally, the paddleboard is longer and wider than most surfboards and is actually inflatable.  Paddleboarding is a full body workout, primarily focusing on the core and the stabilizer muscles of the spinal column. It takes a great deal of balance to be able to maneuver the board without falling, to change directions, and to create movement and speed. Moreover, many gyms have now started to offer classes, such as yoga, on paddleboards that are actually in the water to increase the level of difficulty.


Have you always wanted to try surfing, but were too scared of falling or seeing a scary shark? Then, Surfset is for you! Surfset is a program that has taken an outdoor sport, surfing, and has brought it inside. Participants take the class on a small surfboard that is slightly elevated from the ground. They mimic certain moves required during surfing in order to build lean muscles. Through a fusion of instability training, high intensity interval training, and functional training, you will begin to build a toned, surfer physique. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Naked Yoga

This trend is relatively more recent than the other two, and it has taken off like wildfire. Naked Yoga is more of a spiritual revolution than a physical one. There are not special or different poses. Instead, it is a regular yoga class in which all the participants are completely naked. The idea behind it is not to be crude or vulgar, but instead to promote body acceptance. The purpose is to help participants to feel comfortable in their own skin. Because of the vulnerability of this type of class, naked yoga is generally only found in small studios that have very safe and inviting environments.

It is common knowledge that crosstraining, or exercising in a variety of modalities, gives the best results. Therefore, if any of these latest trends sound interesting, you should absolutely try them out. Not only will a novel class add some spice and excitement to your week, but it may also become a fresh source of inspiration. Additionally, it could reveal a weakness of which you were not previously aware, so you can now address it and improve your skills. So, what are you waiting for? You will not lose anything, except maybe those last stubborn five pounds!

Thank Elisha!