The kids are almost out of school and summer is just around the corner. Summer is super fun, but sometimes it can be hard because of no schedule or structure. Kids can get bored and revert to watching television, or playing video games all day long. Sometimes, parents want to do fun activities with their kids in the summer, but feel like they can’t because of cost. It does not have to be like that though! There are plenty of summer activities that are cheap or free. Keep your children active and having fun this summer with some of these ideas.

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1. Make an obstacle course: Make a simple obstacle course that your children and their friends can do and then time them. They will have fun helping you create an obstacle course, and even timing you. An obstacle course can be as simple as jump up and down five times, run in a circle around a pot five times, jump rope five times, throw three water balloons into a big bowl, and run back to the start. It’s super easy and fun to come up with different courses, and your child will have a blast participating.

2. Build a fort: I used to LOVE to build forts when I was little. One of my favorite forts to build was under my trampoline. We would put blankets all around the edges of the tramp, so that it was all enclosed. Then, we would put blankets on the grass below the tramp. Yes it takes a lot of blankets, but the end result is pretty wicked awesome haha You can build forts out of anything really! And your kids will have a blast building and playing in it.

3. Water fun: Water is always fun to play in in the summer time. There are tons of different things you can do with water. Here are just a few:

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  • Turn on the sprinkler- Kids love running through the sprinkler, and it is so refreshing on a hot day! You can also put the sprinkler under the trampoline if you have one.
  • Have a water fight- Get all of the neighbor kids together and start a water fight! Get the hose, buckets, water guns, anything that is safe for a water fight!
  • Play water volleyball- If you have a volleyball net, set it up. If you do not, no worries- put a string down or another object that makes a line and acts as a net. Fill water balloons and get towels. Hold onto the edge of the towel (2 people to a towel), and put the water balloon in the towel. On the count of three, you and your partner throw the water balloon up over the net to the other players. They then throw the water balloon back. Try not to break the balloon. Whoever’s side the balloon does not break on, gets a point. This is a fun game to play with the whole family, or with a few families.


4. Make a picnic and take it to the park: Everyone loves a picnic in the park! Bring some sandwiches and have lunch in the outdoors. You can let the kids run around and play at the park.

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5. Go for a walk/hike/bike ride: You may think that your kids would not want to go on a walk or hike, but they really do have fun with this one! Find an easy hike and show them different plants and things about nature. They will enjoy being outdoors and learning a little bit:)

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6. Make popsicles: What kid doesn’t like a good popsicle?! Making your own can be fun and even healthier! Buy 100% fruit juice and pour it into ice cube trays. Put in the freezer until firm, but not all of the way frozen. Stick popsicle sticks into them, and freeze a couple more hours until completely frozen. Enjoy!

7. Make outside “stew”: Get a big pot and put water in it. Let your child fill it up with whatever he/she wants! Dirt, rocks, leaves, flowers….anything that their little heart desires! Let them stir it, and if you are super nice and not worried too much about the mess, let them pour it into bowls.

8. Have your children organize a neighborhood parade or carnival: Help your child plan out a parade or carnival to put on for family or your neighborhood. It can be super simple- kids on their bikes, scooters, dancing, anything they want!

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9. Help your children use their imagination by acting like they own a business: A few ideas-

  • They can act like they work at a nail salon and do pedicures or manicures
  • Run their own lemonade stand- make sure they are in a safe place if they are really going to sell the lemonade
  • Act like a checker or manager of a grocery store- you can set up a check stand on your table. Get food and have them “scan” the items and ring you up
  • Act like they work at an ice cream parlor- set up items for ice cream sundaes. Have as many toppings as you want available, and have them assemble the ingredients and eat them outside!

10. Arts and Crafts:

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  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Fingerpaint, waterpaint, draw a picture
  • Buy mini flower pots, paint them and plant a flower in them

11. Plant a garden with them and have them help you take care of it: You can do a mini garden if you would like! Just get a large pot and plant tomatoes, strawberries or any other vegetables or fruits that you would like. They will like taking care of it and watching it grow.

12. Story Time: Have them read to you or act out the story or put on a puppet show

13. Make a music video or short film: Turn on their favorite song, and have them create a music video to it. Film them then watch it altogether.

14. Play sports outside: play a game of softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, or have them show you their latest gymnastics or dance moves.

There are many more ideas out there, but hopefully this post will help you get ideas of what to do with your children this summer! Enjoy your summer and remember to keep you and your children healthy and active!

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