DSC_0351Happy Friday everyone. Here is a wonderful treat you can indulge in this weekend. If you are like me and crave ice cream every once in awhile then you will love this recipe. It is so simple and only involves 2+ ingredients but tastes delicious and satisfies your craving without the added guilt from eating ice cream.


Yield- 1 serving

1 Frozen Banana
2 Tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter
Handful of Mini Chocolate Chips (optional)
Handful of Coconut Flakes (optional)


Peel frozen banana and place in a blender of food processor (Hint: It’s easiest to peel with a knife like you would an apple) Add in the peanut butter and blend until combined and looks like consistency of ice cream.


Place in a bowl and top with handful of mini chocolate chips and coconut flakes and enjoy.

DSC_0354 Make sure to either make enough to share or go and hide while you are eating it because everyone will want to have a taste :)


Its that easy. Two simple steps and you have a healthy delicious substitute to ice cream. Be prepared to be addicted like I am (good thing it’s so easy to make)  I hope you enjoy this treat. :)