Happy Friday Everyone hope you guys all have a great weekend. But more important Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Mommas. Love you McKellie wish I could be there with you to celebrate today.

Weight loss is always a hot topic in media with a new trendy way to lose a few pounds coming out every season. The problem with most of these diet plans is called “YO-YO dieting” You lose the weight and then you stop whatever you were doing and gain it all back again and usually even more on top of that. To have true weight loss where it lasts and you don’t gain it all back is to follow these 3 simple (but very important) steps.

  1. Dietary Manipulation
  2. Aerobic Exercise
  3. Strength Training

Dietary Manipulation: Control over your calories Consumed and Expended.

The easiest way to explain this is by using the Energy Balance Equation:

Energy Consumed – Energy Expended = Energy Balance

When your Caloric Intake is greater than your Caloric Expenditure then you will experience weight gain. If your Energy Expenditure is greater than calories Consumed then you have weight loss. (It’s just that simple :) )  In simpler terms if you are eating more calories than you are burning off then you will gain weight.

A few helpful tips to manage your own energy balance equation are:

  • Start out basic and follow the National Food Guide Plate. The plate is divided into categories and illustrates the concepts of variety, moderation, and proportionality. Here is a previous post on this HERE
  • Monitor your intake of high fat foods and foods high in sugar. When consumed if your body does not use these calories for energy expenditure then they will be stored as fat in your energy reserve. Here is a previous post on tips to beat your sweet tooth,  click here 

Aerobic Exercise: Exercise “With Oxygen” or known as Endurance Performance.

Aerobic exercise increases the number of slow twitch muscle fibers in your body. These muscle fibers are oxidative (full of oxygen) and have many capillaries (smallest blood vessels) and mitochondria (convert energy into ATP which power cells functions). With more Mitochondria your body will have a greater ability for fat oxidation (using your fat stores as energy)

That was a lot of big words haha, BOTTOM Line perform Aerobic exercise to increase your body’s ability to use your fat stores as energy.

Examples of Aerobic Exercise (Tip: if you can talk while performing this exercise than its aerobic)

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Running (previous posts on treadmill workouts HereHere )
  • High impact routines (previous posts on workouts to do here, here, and here)

Strength Training: Use of Resistance and Muscle Contractions

Strength training has many wonderful benefits and to learn more about them read Here. But the greatest benefit it has for weight loss is the ability to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate, which is the amount of energy utilized by the body at rest. The more muscle you have the more energy(calories) your body burns at rest.

You can either perform separate muscle groups on different days or you can target your full body a couple times a week.
Examples of strength training workouts you can do:

  • Leg day (workout Here)
  • Arms and Shoulders day
  • Abs day (workout Here)
  • Chest and Back day (workout Here)
  • Full body day (Workout Here)

I hope these 3 simple steps will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Like we always say on our blog we strive for a healthy lifestyle not just the newest fad diet. Have a great weekend and good luck with all your healthy goals.