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We will be giving away:  3 Max Performance Packs (Pre-workout + Recovery) and 2 M5 Fitness one month memberships
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M5 Fitness club membership:


At M5 Fitness, we’ve discovered a solution that breaks through the barriers that keep people from getting fit: time, cost, not knowing where to begin, etc. Our program is convenient, affordable, fun, and most importantly…it’s a complete system that addresses every aspect of fitness… all in one place.

The M5 website is literally an “Online Fitness Club”.

M5 Fitness offers hundreds of online workout videos in a variety of categories, ranging from 15 minutes to one hour and beginner level to fitness buff. And you’ll never get bored because brand new classes added to the library every month.  At M5, you can workout at any time, anywhere!

Your M5 membership also gives you Nutrition courses taught by certified nutrition experts; as well as Success Coaching by Dr. Nicole Detling, a PhD in Sport Psychology and who served as a performance coach for the USA Winter Olympics team in Sochi, Russia!

But the best part about M5 Fitness is that we make getting fit a lot of fun. Our website tracks your workouts and posts them to your team Activity Tracker where your friends can make comments to help keep you motivated, much like the social media we use every day. It makes getting fit a team experience and the results have been incredible!
To learn more about what Method 5 Fitness is about click here

 Max Performance Pack:

Performance Pack V3 Long Format V1

When it comes to working out, the M5 Fitness Max Performance Pack will be your best friend. Powered by a proprietary blend of ActiGin™ and Arginine AKG, M5 Pre-workout will give you the energy boost and endurance you need to perform at your best. Then, after your workout, refuel with M5 Recovery. It’s the most unique and complete recovery supplement on the market, addressing full body recovery from muscles, joints, to vitamin replenishment (oh, and it’s delicious!). You’re going to love what these products will do for you!
To view our own personal review on M5 supplements click here

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