We all have those days that are crazy and you know a little sweat session is exactly what you need, but you are running really short on time. If you use your time wisely, you can get that heart rate up and get your sweat on without having to use up a large part of your day! When you only have a short window of time to squeeze in a workout, you really need to make every minute count.

This workout is fast, fun, and will get you sweating in no time.

20 Minute Cardio Circuit
For this workout, you will be doing each exercise for 30 seconds. Try not to rest between exercises! If you cannot do this, take no more than a 10 second rest between exercises, but only do this as much as you absolutely need to! The goal is to keep moving so your heart rate stays up the entire 20 minutes.

1. Jumping Jacks


2. Squat Thrusts
Start in plank position making sure your body is flat like a board. Do not lift your hips in the air or drop them towards the ground. Tighten your entire core! Keeping your hands in the same position, jump your feet in so your knees are by your chest, then jump back out into plank.


3. Plank Jax
Don’t get out of plank from the last exercise! From your plank position, jump both legs out and the same time then back together. Keep your hands in the same place the entire time.


4. High Knees
Make sure you are tucking your bum under and keeping your chest up tall during these. The higher you get your knees, the harder you are working.


5. Star Jumps
This is like a jumping jack but you are actually jumping off the ground. When you jump up, you want your arms and legs out to make a “star,” then softly land back down.


6. Mountain Climbers
Start out in plank. Jump one leg at a time towards your chest, then switch. It is a continuous motion.


7. Running Stance
Bend down into a lunge, make sure that front knee is not over your toes. While keeping your lower body still, perform a running motion with your arms. Go as hard and fast as you can to keep your heart rate up. We are giving that lower body a break for a minute here :).


8. Plie Hop
Place your feet slightly wider then hip width and point your toes out. Bend down into a squat, jump up, and land softly back down into a squat. You do not need to get really high when you jump, just make sure it is a continuous motion.


9. Butt Kicks


10. Burpees
We have these in almost every exercise we post because they are cruel yet awesome. Start standing up straight, bend down to a squat with your hands on the ground and knees bent, jump into plank, jump back into a squat, and jump back up into your standing position.




Repeat the entire circuit 4 times
*If you need it, take a 30 second break before starting again.

Turn on some music and have a great workout!


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