Happy Tax Day everyone :) haha! I hope you were not like my husband and I, staying up super late last night to finish them up and get them in. Ugh! Oh the joys of Adult Hood. On a more positive note we had a request by one of our viewers to do a post on the M5 Fitness supplements and whether we liked them or not. All three of us healthy mommas have tired most of them and will share our thoughts on whether or not they have helped us.

When I was first given the supplements to try out I was a bit apprehensive because I am not a total believer in them for myself. I eat healthy and try to get all my daily nutrients from natural food sources and not from a supplement. But for most people and myself that can be very hard and time consuming. It is hard to get all of those valuable nutrients everyday that our bodies need to stay healthy and continue to grow stronger especially if you are vigorously working out also. So because of that reason I decided to give them a try. The main thing I like about all of the M5 supplements is that they are made from the highest quality 100% natural ingredients. Each product is unique in its own way and full of healthy and safe ingredients. They have 6 different types of supplements and I will break each one down and go over how and if it helped us.

(If you click on the supplements name it will take you to the products information sheet that will cover everything about it.)

Pre-Workout: Increase performance and endurance during your workout.
This is a powder that you pour in an 8oz. water, mix it and drink. It is citrus flavored and tastes very good. I workout very early in the morning and hardly ever have time to eat before I do so. Because of that I decided to give this supplement a try and see if it helped my performance. I have only had time to take them a few times yet but when I have I noticed an increase in energy to get through my workout and to help me push harder.

Recovery: Total body recovery. Muscle support blend+Joint support blend+Vitamin blend
This is a powder also that you pour into an 80z. water mix it and drink. This one is lemon cream flavored and was also delicious. I am not sure how much this helped me because I always eat a balanced meal of protein and carbohydrates after every workout. It is also meant to help with muscle and joint soreness which we have seen improvements in especially after long runs.

Energy: Powerful, all-natural energy boost. Green coffee bean extract+Rhodiola rosea+Siberian ginseng+Korean ginseng
This is another powder that you mix in water and drink as well. It is mixed berry flavored and tasted good. It is meant to be a pick me up drink that will give you more energy to get you through your day. If you are the type of person who drinks those energy drinks or caffeinated drinks (monster, red bull, coke) that are filled with manufactured caffeine then this is a great option for you to have instead. I personally do not want to put caffeine in my body every day but if you already do and feel like you need it, then you should definitely give this one a try since it is a healthier all natural version.

Meal Replacement Shake: Reduce hunger and cravings in one complete shake.
This is a powder that you can either mix into water or milk. It comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. We tried the chocolate one and to be honest it was a little chalky to the taste. We would recommend blending in some fruit (banana or strawberry) with it to help the flavor. But on the plus side it did do its job of making us feel full and satisfied like you should after eating a meal. I am not a huge fan of drinking my meals and would rather eat them but this is a great option for people who want a very controlled diet and are trying to lose weight. They are great because you know exactly how many calories you are getting in your meal and they are also super fast to make so if you don’t have time to eat this is a great option.

Omega-3: All-natural protection for your heart and mind. DHA+EPA: Supports cardiovascular and cognitive health.
This supplement comes in a gel pill form that you take orally. I have not noticed any significant changes in my health since I have started these but I don’t think I can tell if my brain and heart are getting healthier or not :) The reason why you should take these is because our bodies do not make omega-3 fatty acids and can only get them from food sources, mainly fish. You should eat fish two times a week in order to obtain these omegas but since most of us don’t do that these supplements can help you achieve your bodies recommended amount.

Daily Essentials: Superior antioxidant and vitamin blend to maximize and protect your health.
Antioxidant blend (superfruits, herbs, and spinach)+Vitamins (A,C,B1 thru 12, D3,E Acetate, K)
This supplement also comes in a pill and is taken orally each day. I have not taken this supplement because I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables each day and like to get all my essential vitamins and minerals in that form. But for many people that is hard to do and they would rather take a supplement to achieve there desired results instead.

I hope that this review will help you guys better understand each of these supplements and educate you in knowing exactly what you are taking. If you would like further information or to purchase any of these supplements click here.

Let me know If you have any other questions or whether or not you have tried these supplements and what you think of them?

– Shauna