DSC_0305Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous day. So today I wanted to bring another workout to you guys that you could do anywhere because you need no equipment. But don’t think that your getting off easy and that it wont be hard because of that :) Believe me, if you push yourself you will be sweating and feeling it everywhere throughout all your muscles. For this workout I did HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) of 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest but you could also do repetitions of 12-15. With Intervals your heart rate is up and then goes down for just a quick second. It’s good for your endurance and heart itself to be trained in different ways. Also when using a timer you don’t take nearly as long of breaks as you would without one. This keeps your heart rate up and keeps the burn going in your muscles throughout the whole workout. In this workout I added in a cardio section between each exercise to increase your heart rate even more. You can take it out if its to hard for you. Remember to always use good form during your workout. Don’t compromise form for number of repetitions. If you are starting to get tired and use bad form than take a second rest and reset your form to proper technique.   Workout: 50 Seconds of work Followed by 10 Seconds of rest. 1. Star Jumps (50 seconds) 10 second rest 2. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) 10 second rest 3. Push-ups with alternating R&L knee in to chest (50 seconds) 10 second rest 4. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) 10 seconds rest 5. Squat Jumps in and out with feet (50 seconds) 10 seconds rest 6. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) 10 seconds rest 7. Plank jumps side to side with feet (50 seconds) (sorry guys I noticed I didn’t do this one in the video. Start in a high plank position and have your feet together. You are going to jump your feet side to side bringing them up high, thinking to touch your elbow on each side. Try not to move your upper body at all. Keep everything else still in the plank position and only move your legs.) 10 seconds rest 8. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) 10 seconds rest 9. High Plank with Superman arms and legs alternating R&L sides (50 seconds) 10 seconds rest 10. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) 10 seconds rest 11. Bicycle abs, with feet touch together (50 seconds) 10 seconds rest 12. Burpee’s (50 seconds added cardio) Repeat this Circuit for another round or two if you feel like it was not long enough or if you want to push yourself harder. If you got through that workout good job guys. Remember to always use good form; back straight, shoulders back and down, core contracted and engaged, and never let your knees go over your toes. Let me know how you liked this workout and if you want to see more of them like this posted. Thanks! -Shauna