Let’s celebrate! In celebration of our new blog page and of course, the most rad readers on the planet (YOU!), we are so excited to start our first giveaway! This giveaway is sponsored by Great Harvest Bread Co. in Lehi, Utah. Great Harvest Lehi only uses the freshest ingredients when it comes to their products. They have a wide selection of different breads, mixes, baked goods, power bars, granola and much more. They also have a great café where you can sit and enjoy lunch! If you are looking for a healthy and tasty lunch, go see Jason at the bakery and grab a sandwich…you won’t regret it! The best thing about it is that they never use pre-packaged ingredients, all of their products are made from scratch.

“Fresh ground 100% whole wheat flour everyday! Because we love baking products that are as nutritious as they are delicious! Our freshly-milled whole grain wheat flour assures that we’re delivering nutritional value. Studies show that the fresher foods are (such as milled grains, and vegetables and fruits) the better they are nutritionally.

All of our baked goods are made from scratch – no mixes or frozen doughs. We mill our whole wheat flour fresh daily on our stone mill right here at the bakery. Whole wheat kernels are poured into one end of the mill and are ground into 100% whole wheat flour. There is absolutely no separation of flour components; nothing added or taken out – just pure fresh flour from the whole grain.

We’ve always known fresh-ground flour tastes better. We’ve even done lots of blind taste tests just to prove what we’ve known intuitively all along! Now we know the fresh flour is better nutritionally as well. When a kernel of wheat is milled, all parts of the flour start to oxidize as they’re exposed to the air – the germ, which contains free fatty acids, is particularly vulnerable to this oxidation. Using our own fresh ground flour assures that the nutritive value of our products is the best it can be.”

-Great Harvest Lehi

 To read more about Great Harvest Bread Co. Lehi and see what other products and services they offer, click here.

Giveaway Information and Instructions:

The giveaway starts today and ends this Thursday, April 3rd . We will announce the winner on Friday morning.

Sooooo, what do I get?! The giveaway consists of 2 loaves of freshly baked bread (one Honey Whole Wheat loaf and one Dakota loaf), power bars (these have been featured in Gold’s Gym and Good Earth), and granola. All of these products are packed full of nutrition and taste great!

How to enter:

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***Because of the nature of this giveaway, it is limited to those in the U.S.

Thanks and have an awesome day! Good luck!

May the odds be ever in your favor! ha

-McKell, Jaeme and Shauna