M5 FitnessHi guys, So today I’m so excited to introduce a new company we are working with called M5 Fitness. It is a great company that is assisting people in reaching their healthy lifestyle goals. They have a fabulous website that provides you with workouts, nutrition, motivation, and much more. It’s based around a community aspect which helps keep you accountable to your goals. Here to tell you more about it is Craig, one of the founders of the company himself.

“My name is Craig. I’m a co-founder of a new online fitness company called Method 5 Fitness. I first ran into the Threehealthymommas blog when my wife made some amazingly delicious (and healthy) muffins and told me where she’d found the recipe. I checked out the blog and was extremely impressed by the approach these women are taking to health and fitness. I immediately contacted Shauna…and were amazed by all the symmetry we found in our ventures.

 I’m honored by the invitation from the “Three Healthy Mommas” to share some information about M5 Fitness.

M5 Fitness launched in January 2014 with a simple mission: To potentiate people through fitness.  In simple terms, this means our focus is to help people live life to the fullest through a sustainable fitness lifestyle. 

Working with some of the top experts in the country, we have developed a line of unique, premium fitness supplements that contain no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, are very low in sugar and calories, that taste great, and that really work!  Our high-quality supplements are affordable and will help you get better results in less time.

We recommend using multiple supplements together to achieve even better results as the ingredients can work synergistically together. Our Max Performance pack brings together two of our most popular supplements (Pre-Workout and Recovery) to help you maximize the results from your exercise.  Simply use this pack before and after exercise to increase your endurance, help you better tone and sculpt your muscles, improve your performance at any level, and help your body recovery quickly so you feel great!

In fact, I invite you to try an M5 supplement today. Click here to get 15% off our awesome Pre-Workout drink.

In addition to the M5 supplements we have the M5 Fitness Club.  Simply put, the M5 Fitness Club is an online fitness club, offering access to hundreds of workouts in different categories and from different instructors.  Get access to a huge library of cardio classes, yoga classes, strength classes, core classes, nutrition classes and success coaching, delivered right to you on your computer, tablet, smartphone or even on your TV!  New workouts are added each month so your workout library is constantly expanding which means you’ll never be bored with your exercise program again!

The M5 Fitness club makes working out easy, convenient, and effective. It’s a great way to take everything you’re learning on the Threehealthymommas blog and apply it to your fitness program. Click here to find out more or to take a free trial.

The M5 Fitness Supplements combined with the M5 Fitness Club is an effective way to maximize your fitness potential and to have fun while you’re doing it. Shouldn’t fitness be fun?

Thank you for learning more about M5 Fitness and keep your eye open for future promotions and health challenges that we’ll be running with Threehealthymommas.

All the best, Craig”

We are so excited for M5 fitness and are thrilled to be apart of their journey to create a world full of happy healthy people. Let us know what you think about their company:)