Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 

Love the skin your in 

We all know that today is about showing love towards our significant other and our family and friends. But there is another person that deserves to be shown love today and that is YOU! We all need to remember to love ourselves just as much as we love everyone else. I’m not talking about a vain or stuck up type love, but a love for our beautiful healthy functioning bodies. A love for our powerful and creative minds (brain), and a love for how strong and powerful of an individual you are.

Our bodies are the greatest gift that has ever been given to us. They are the most perfect creation ever made. Our heart continually beats all day long without us having to remind it to do so, never tiring and never stopping. We have an amazing immune system that will fight off and overcome illnesses all on its own (thank you white blood cells).  We have a skeletal system made up of thick bones that can grow and heal themselves if ever broken. Our skin cells are continually growing and making new skin. It protects us from our environment and is full of sweat glands to help cool of our body temperature. The last and most important thing is that no two human bodies are exactly the same. Each and everyone of us is unique and beautiful in our own way. NEVER FORGET THAT.

The human mind amazes me! It controls and oversees all of the bodies functions without us knowing. It can remember things that have been stored away for many many years (unless you are pregnant than you just cant remember anything :) haha) It helps us form sentences so we can communicate with others and reports our five senses so we can enjoy and experience life. We all have the same physical properties in our brains but our minds let us be creative and unique. Our minds let us express our talents and share our differences with one another. Don’t be afraid of being different; love and be proud of who you are. Be grateful for your healthy functioning mind and remember to love the individuality of it.

Since I became a mother I am always trying to be a better person and example for my daughter. I continually try and make her life better every day (Try is the key word). But at the same time I definitely have moments when I feel like I have failed or not been good enough for her. I get down on myself for not being the type of mother she deserves. In those types of moments in our lives I want us to remember how remarkable we are and to never feel inadequate. Whether you are a parent of not we all have moments when we feel we have failed. But I want us to remember that you are a good person and a beautiful example to someone. Don’t ever belittle or think less of yourself because you feel you have failed at some point. Remember all the good things you have done and accomplished. Love yourself for not being perfect but for never giving up on trying.

This Valentine’s day pleases remember to love yourself for who you are. Its okay if you mess up as long as your continually moving forward with a positive purpose. Never compare your self to another in a negative way. Being on the road to a Healthy lifestyle is to Love The Skin You’re In!

On a Nutritious note a good way to show love towards your body this Valentine’s Day is by eating healthy treats. Here are some ideas of cute but still healthy desserts you can make for yourself or loved ones.

Get cookie cutters and cut out heart shaped Fruit. Have fun with them by putting them on kabobs or just make them look pretty on a plate. My little girl LOVES fruit so these did not last long at our house.

Another Valentine favorite treat is the Chocolate dipped strawberry. Some ways to make it healthier is to use dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate and I also topped it with coconut flakes. You could add nuts to yours also to add a little protein and crunch.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love towards others and most importantly yourself.