Hey! We are three excited mommas who came together to promote healthy living. We want to share what we know about health and wellness through our own experiences, as well as our education. We hope to share ideas to improve you and your families’ lives and help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Our ultimate goal is to help you become your best you…happy, healthy and lovin’ every minute of life!

Now to introduce ourselves…


A little about me: I live in upstate New York where my husband is currently in his second year of medical school. We are both Registered Nurses and actually met and got married during Nursing School at The University of Utah! I previously worked at a children’s hospital, but am currently a stay at home mom to my daughter Kate.

I think that becoming a mom has actually increased my awareness of health quite a bit. It is so important to me that Kate sees me taking care of myself so that she has a desire to do the same. I love that she is able to see me workout at home, go running with me in the jogging stroller, and be with me as I try to make healthy food choices for our family. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that was always very active and continues to be that way today, and that is how I want my children to be raised also. As a Pediatric Nurse, there were so many times that I saw families come in that all struggled with obesity and had now passed that down to their children. It is such a hard cycle to break but I know it can be done. Through this blog, I want to help others make better choices in their lives that will not only affect themselves, but their families as well. I believe in moderation of all things. I do not believe in completely cutting out food groups or never being able to take a day off of exercise, but I also think that taking care of yourself can and will make you feel happier and more satisfied with life.

I don’t think that any of us realize how much we are capable of until we set our minds to something. I never thought I would be a “runner.” For years I ran just for exercise and my max distance was 3 miles. It wasn’t until I started training for my first half marathon last fall that I realized how much I really could push myself. For me, 90% of training was convincing myself that I was strong enough. I am currently training for my second half marathon which is in March in New York City! I will then be continuing my training so I can run Ragnar Wasatch Back this summer (I need some serious hill training)! I am excited to share my journey here and hope that I can use this blog to help people reach their health/fitness goals.


The inside scoop about me:) Ever since I was little, I have loved to exercise. I thrived on making up exercise programs for people and having multiple pushup/sit-up contests with my dad. My family was very physically active growing up. Most of our family activities involved the outdoors. We loved to rollerblade and bike up the canyon, wakeboard, snowboard and hike. I participated and competed in gymnastics for six years and cheerleading for eight. I learned the importance of teamwork, dedication and being physically and mentally healthy. During college my love for running began. I did my first half marathon about 6 years ago and have since done the Ogden Marathon and six other halves. I am just getting into trail running and am training to do my first trail race in May!

I also love nutrition! I love to study it and really like to eat it! Haha My degree in Exercise and Wellness made it possible for me to study how to live a healthy and well lifestyle, which I try to bring into my own home.  I have found that I feel the best and am the happiest when I exercise regularly and fuel my body with healthy foods.

My family and I currently live in Southern New Mexico. We moved here about a year ago for my husband’s job. The weather is great! It was 70 degrees the other day (in January), so that’s a definite plus! I have worked as a Corporate Wellness Coach for almost two years now. Through my job, I am able to help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. I love helping others strive to be the best they can be! It is so motivating and the people I coach inspire me to be better. I hope to do just that with this blog. I hope to motivate others to not only be their very best self, but feel their very best through living a happy and healthy lifestyle!

My dad and I after finishing the Halloween Half!


Hi my name is Shauna and I am from and still living in Utah at this time. I am from a very active family. Being the only girl with 4 older brothers, I was slightly pushed into sports at a very young age. I grew up playing every kind of sport and then finally fell into my true passion, which was dance. I was on a competition team that traveled and competed all over. Because of my background, I have always been conscious and aware of how to keep and maintain a healthy body.

I am now a mom to a beautiful girl and wife to a loving husband and have strived to keep that same healthy lifestyle going in my home today. With my background in Exercise and Wellness I am more conscious about the things I feed my family and try to keep my baby healthy and active. I like to make most of our meals from scratch and use all natural ingredients. I am also a big believer in food preparation which has saved me lots of time while being a busy mom.

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and have recently started back up again training clients out of my home. I love helping others reach their goals and seeing their lives transform.  Working out is a way for me to release stress and have that “alone” moment each day. I love to run, do interval training and anything that will push me to the next level.

My goal for this blog is to share my love and passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I hope that through my knowledge and background I can help some of you achieve your own goals you have been working on or struggling with.