Happy Pre-Turkey Day!


Tomorrow is one of the biggest food holidays there is, and guess what? You can still enjoy it without completely reversing all your hard work! Here are a few Thanksgiving Day tips:


  • Get out and sweat off some calories before the “feeding frenzy” begins. There are 5k’s, 10k’s, and half marathons all over the place. If you don’t want to sign up for an official race, create your own with friends or family! You can also go on a bike ride, go for a walk, or hit up the gym (most gyms are open for a few hours in the morning on Thanksgiving).
  • Eat breakfast! Don’t starve yourself all day in preparation for the big meal. Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast so you aren’t ravenous when it’s time to eat. This helps avoid some major overeating.
  • Do something fun after dinner. Instead of just sitting on the couch feeling sick from all the yumminess you just ate, organize a game of flag football, kickball, steal the flag, etc.
  • Try to keep realistic portion sizes in mind while you are eating.
  • Fight the urge to keep going back for more dessert. Of course I’m not saying don’t eat them, I’m just saying once you are done, be done.
  • The next day, get back on track. One bad meal is not going to kill all your goals, so don’t let it!
  • Enjoy spending time with those you love! Enjoy the delicious food but remember, that is not all the holiday is about.

Thank you for supporting us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!